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Simon Orestes Cohen is the creator of the 2030 Project Nemo Archive Discs and directly responsible for the AI in the process.


In 2023, Simon had completed his doctorate in Information Technologies from the graduate program at Accel University. A year earlier in 2022, he received the Electra award for his published dissertation titled "Basic Theory of Artificial Intelligence Organization by Genetic Information Conversion". This theory has been used in military activities such as the creation of Artificial Intelligence for military use. One such A.I. was "Nemo". In 2023, Simon joined General Resource Ltd. After 8 years of service at GR, he transferred to Neucom Inc. in 2031. Now he belongs to Neucom Inc. and engages in military-related research.

Yoko Martha Inoue, a fellow researcher, had some sort of close relationship with Cohen, but the full extent of the relationship is unknown. During an experiment on sublimation with General Resource pilot Abyssal Dision, Inoue and Dision were killed by a bombing, though Dision's consciousness escaped by uploading into the Electrosphere.[1] Despite the assassination being carried out by General Resource Limited itself, Cohen blamed Dision for her death.[2]

Cohen uploaded Nemo to the Electrosphere and created a simulated war between General Resource Limited and Neucom Incorporated, with the intent of testing Nemo's capability of destroying Dision. After all five possible outcomes of the Intercorporate War were evaluated, Simon, satisfied that they all end in Dision's destruction, purged Nemo from the Electrosphere and released it into the real world before presumably engineering the events that will bring the conflict to reality.[2]