Sipli Field (シプリ高原)[2] is a snowy field located in the center of Khesed Island in western Anea. Sipli became a frontline base for the Estovakians during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.


Sipli is mostly a flat plateau. Due to its position southwest of Mount Marcello, the area sees regular, heavy snowfall.[2] The Curzalani River flows east-west through the field. A small village called Misko is located north of the river.[1]


By November 2015, Estovakian forces took over Sipli Field and established a frontline base there to coordinate attacks against Emmeria's final stronghold, the city of Vitoze.[3]

On November 27, Emmerian troops attacked the Estovakian forces in Sipli. The Warlock Separate Battalion, Quox Armored Battalion, and Steel Gunners Battalion coordinated with the Republic of Emmeria Air Force to recapture Sipli and force Estovakia to retreat to Bartolomeo Fortress on Mount Marcello. Retaking Sipli was an important first victory for Emmeria, and it allowed them to then recapture Bartolomeo Fortress[4] and perform a landing operation on the mainland by January.[5]



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