This article is about an in-game mission. For the in-universe event, see Operation Umbrella.

Sitting Duck is the first campaign mission of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. The mission is very simple and intended to ease the player into the game's controls. The objective is to shoot down six bombers flying in a straight line with little defense.


Here is the current sitrep and your orders for deployment, effective immediately. Enemy agents destroyed our early warning radar network, allowing several Bear bombers to penetrate our air space. In fifteen minutes, we expect this bomber formation to strike Allenfort Air Base, and then move on to targets at North Point. Our air defense forces are extremely weak at this point in time, hence our GHQ is a sitting duck. It is mission critical that you destroy the bombers and neutralize the threat before they get past Newfield Island. Remember, you are the first line of defense for North Point, and the fate of ISAF lies in your hands.


The primary objective of this mission is to destroy the six bombers before the time limit runs out. It is a standard "introductory mission" with bombers flying predictable courses with only a handful of escort fighters. The mission is not failed even after the bombers begin their bombing run on the city and Allenfort Air Base.

Enemy Lists

Standard Units

Unit Points Count Notes
Icon-AirTGT TU-95 100 6
Icon-AirEnemy F-5E 60 2
Icon-AirEnemy MIG-21 60 2

Special Units

Unit Points Count Notes
Icon-AirEnemy F-5E "WANG" 240 1 [note 1]

S Rank

An S rank is achieved on this mission by obtaining 840 points before the end of the mission. Since each bomber is worth 100 points and each escort is worth 60 points, all four escorts or the ace (240 points) must be shot down before the last bomber. Once the escorts are down, the bombers can be destroyed; the mission will then end and award the S Rank.


Thanks to your efforts, the enemy bomber strike was averted. However, our victory will be meaningless should you fail the next mission.



  • This is popularly known as one of the easiest missions in the entire Ace Combat series.
  • This mission is the first of two in Ace Combat 04 that occur on the date of September 19, the other being the Siege of Farbanti in the following year. Coincidentally, AWACS SkyEye's birthday is the same day.
  • Despite Allenfort being a secondary target (the primary target being North Point), once the bombers reach the air base, they will continue to circle around and bomb the base for the rest of the mission.


  1. The player must have completed the campaign, and must be playing on Normal difficulty or higher. Wang appears far north of Newfield Island.
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