Skies of incursion is the first campaign mission of Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion.


"At the southern end of the Osean continent lies the "Federal Republic of Aurelia".

Rich in resources, the citizens of Aurelia enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity.
That is, until the surprise attack by the neighboring "Peoples Republic of Leasath".

Aurelia's peaceful existence was suddenly violated.

Having just concluded years of civil war, Leasath pushed into Aurelia, justifying the invasion as "a symbol of our people's rage over ages of unjust exploitation".

Taking advantage of its heretofore ally's undermanned defenses, Leasath forces quickly brought down Aurelia's border, advancing into Aurelia with the power of a killer tsunami.
Aurelian border cities had no choice but to surrender their authority to the invading forces.

Threat of Leasath air attack has extended to the "Phuku Lagolla" air base located in the southwest corner of the coastal Aurelian capital city, Griswall. Phuku Lagolla headquarters orders its experimental flight technology evaluation squadron "Falco", to ambush Leasath's incoming aerial forces."


The level is centered on the initial days of the Aurelian War. Following the enemy's victory over Aurelia's border defenses, the threat has expanded to the mainland. The Falco Squadron, an experimental aircraft test team from Phuku Lagolla AFB, an air base located just southwest of the capital of Griswall, launches on a mission to ambush a Leasath squadron.