"One night, a spirited group made their way into the bar, chased out the sullen army grunts, and commandeered the place."
Side Story Narrator[2]

The Sky Kid Café, Pub & Restaurant was an eatery located in the city of San Salvacion. During the Continental War and Erusea's occupation, the Sky Kid catered to Erusean soldiers and became a favorite hangout of the Federal Erusea Air Force's infamous Yellow Squadron.


The Sky Kid was a family-owned business located in San Salvacion's historic Old Towne.[3] The Sky Kid occupied a modest building, with the cozy bar and restaurant situated on the ground floor,[2] and the family's living spaces on the upper stories.[4] Additional outdoor seating was situated on the sidewalk in front of the building.


In August 2003, Erusea invaded San Salvacion and proceeded to occupy its capital. During the occupation, the Side Story Narrator began playing his harmonica at the Sky Kid to earn a meager income. Sky Kid was frequented by occupation soldiers, whose presence drove away the local customers.[5] The restaurant and its barkeeper consequently became the subject of scorn and ridicule for doing business with the enemy. In actuality, however, the barkeeper and his family were members of the local resistance. Over the course of the occupation, the Sky Kid was used to gather vital intelligence overheard from drunken Eruseans.[4]

One evening, Yellow Squadron personnel entered the Sky Kid and forced the assorted army men to vacate. The airmen then vandalized a wall to create a tally board of pilots' kills. Over the coming months, Yellow Squadron, its support crew, and ace pilot Yellow 13 spent a large portion of their downtime drinking and conversing at the Sky Kid. Following the unexplained disappearance of his uncle, the Side Story Narrator began living in the restaurant.[4]

It is unknown what happened to the Sky Kid after San Salvacion was liberated by the Independent State Allied Forces on July 10, 2005.[1] However, it is likely that the restaurant resumed normal operation sometime after.



  • The Sky Kid's name is a reference to Namco's Sky Kid arcade game, which was released in 1985.