"All pilots, keep your eyes peeled."
Stephen McCarthy[1]

Sky Kid Squadron, officially the 4th Fighter Squadron, is a Republic of Emmeria Air Force squadron within its 3rd Air Division. The squadron is led by Stephen McCarthy, whose callsign is "Sky Kid". All members of the team fly the Mirage 2000-5.[2]


Invasion of Gracemeria[]

Stephen McCarthy led Sky Kid Squadron during the invasion of Gracemeria and fought to protect its capital from the Estovakian invaders. Although they were almost successful in driving out the invading threat, they were forced to retreat once nimbus missiles dealt a heavy blow to Emmerian forces. Despite the overwhelming for of the P-1112 Aigaion and the Strigon Team, the Sky Kid Squadron managed to get out of Gracemeria unscathed.[2]

Estovakian Blitzkrieg[]

They retreated to Silvat Town along with Stingray Squadron and a substantial portion of the Republic of Emmeria Army. Pursued by the Estovakians pushing further into their country they eventually come into contact with the pursuing force and engaged them, the Standoff in Silvat Town had begun.[2]

Siege on Silvat[]

By the time the Emmerian forces from Khesed Island arrived, the forces stationed in Silvat were surrounded and on the brink of getting wiped out. However the battle tipped in the Emmerians' favor after the Khesed forces, including Garuda Team began providing support to various squadrons and tank battalions across the battlefield. With combined efforts from the Khesed and Silvat forces, the day belonged to the Emmerians and they continued to push into east Anea to reclaim their former country.[3]

Liberating Emmeria[]

Sky Kid Squadron would continue to work with the Garuda Team on many operations across the Anean mainland. Most notable of those including the liberation of San Loma, Assault on the Aerial Fleet, Battle of Ragno Fortress, Battle of the Moloch Desert and Operation Free Gracemeria. After liberating their capital from occupying forces, The Generals of Estovakia launched a plan to destroy the city using their giant railgun, the Chandelier.[3]

Destruction of the Chandelier[]

Sky Kid Squadron along with, Garuda Team, Windhover Squadron, Avalanche Squadron and various other Emmerian squadrons flew to Sonne Island, an area in the northern sea of Strangereal above Anea and located near the Razgriz Straits. This is where the assault on the Chandelier took place and it resulted in the Estovakian superweapon being destroyed, putting the final nail in The Generals' coffin.[4]



  • The callsigns of the squadron's named pilots are each derived from characters in the Sky Kid series by Namco.