"Aurelian fighter sighted. Engaging the target. Requesting immediate reinforcements."
― Skylla Unit member detecting Gryphus One

The Skylla Unit is an elite Leasath special forces unit operated in 2020 Aurelian War. This unit specialized in anti-aircraft tactics and defense perimeter penetrations.


During the Aurelian War, the Skylla Unit was first known to have been assigned at Sachana Air Base as preparations were underway to send reinforcements to Leasath forces in the Kalana Steppes.[1]

Following the defeat of Leasath forces in the Kalana Steppes, they were reassigned north within the area of jamming from the Nevera Jammer, making it hard for the Aurelians to pinpoint their exact location, but they nevertheless assumed that they are in Mount Nevera to defend the jammer.[2] It wasn't until the destruction of the jammer that it was confirmed that the Skylla Unit was heading for Griswall in order to defend it from the looming liberation.[3]

After the capital was successfully defended by the Aurelian Liberation Corps, Gryphus Squadron and Ninox Squadron, the Skylla Unit proceeded to attack the ALC with medium-range missiles in an attempt to break their defensive perimeter. Gryphus One quickly destroyed all missiles en route to the capital.[4]

The fate of the unit after the Battle of Griswall remains ambiguous.



  • The Skylla Unit is named after Scylla, a Greek mythological monster that lived on one side of a narrow channel of water.


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