"Watch out for the Skylla Unit. They're extremely mobile and carry enhanced anti-aircraft artillery."
― AWACS "Crux" warns Gryphus One about the Skylla Unit.
The Skylla Unit is a elite Leasath special forces unit operated in 2020 Aurelian War. This unit specializes anti-aircraft tactics and defense perimeter penetrations. Their signature weapon is Flakpanzer Gepard, which has advanced targeting capabilities and dealt greater damage than normal AA guns. The Skylla Unit also operated special AAVC-7A1s as mobile command posts. The Skylla Unit stationed at Sachana Air Force Base in Ravern Woods, Aurelia.


If Gryphus One attacked Leasath forces in Kalana Steppes first, the Skylla Unit will head to Mount Nevera. If Gryphus One attacked Nevera Jammer while they were present, they attempted to destroy the transmission towers leading to the power stations that provided energy to the high performance air defense system protects the jamming station, but they failed. If Gryphus One and Aurelian Liberation Corps advanced to Griswall while they were present, they used their rocket launchers to fire medium range missiles to destroy the defense perimeter, but all missiles were destroyed by Gryphus One and the capital was soon liberated.



The Skylla Unit is named after Scylla, a Greek mythological monster that lived on one side of a narrow channel of water.

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