Slash was well-known worldwide as the leader of Ridgeback Squadron, an elite unit in the United Nations Forces. He led this squadron for an unknown amount of time, all the way until his death during Operation Override.


Slash and the Ridgebacks made a name for themselves early on during their involvement with the United Nations Forces. They were well known by the time the Sons of Troia surfaced.

They assisted the UNF forces, who had also hired Bone Arrow Squadron, in an attempt to rescue the Greymen from Iyuli. All members of the squadron survived the attack from Stonehenge Type-3 in that mission. They later assisted the UNF forces in neutralizing Stonehenge, but they ended up having limited involvement with the destruction of the facility. Reaper ended up taking the money for the operation.

Slash's final flight took place during Operation Override, a UNF operation to take back Tokyo from the newly-formed USEA Federation. In the middle of the liberation of the city, a QFA-44 Carmilla controlled remotely by Camilla engaged the Ridgebacks and Bone Arrow. Slash's wing was hit by a laser from an MQ-90L, and he bailed out from his aircraft. Before he could safely land on the ground, however, another MQ-90L fired a laser at his helmet, killing him in mid-air.


As a pilot, Slash was very cocky. He would taunt mercenaries for their status, and compliment himself and his squadron on their capabilities. It wasn't without reason; his record as an ace pilot was without equal, and his squadron was well known for their quick handling of enemy forces.

However, Slash had more pride in his record of never losing a wingmate than his own personal kill count. He would have rather made sure that all of the Ridgebacks would make it home safe than them getting the most money.



  • Slash's pride in never losing a wingmate echoes Yellow 13, who had done the same until Yellow 4's death. Another trait he shares with Yellow 13 is his insistence in engaging as a formation rather than giving his wingmates free will to attack.
  • When he reports that he's been hit, no damage can be seen on his ASF-X, and when he bails out, the plane suddenly explodes in mid-air.
  • It can theorized that his death to the laser may indicate that when the laser from the UAV locked on to his helmet, the laser may have melted his helmet causing severe burns or it may have severed his parachute leading him to fall to his death.
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