All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Sledgehammer is the 7th mission of Ace Combat 2. In this mission, Unified Command is planning to launch a bombing raid at the coup d'état forces' shipbuilding complex at Axel Bay. The player's mission is to assist the bomber squadron participating in the bombing run and dispose of any threats, airborne or otherwise, to the operation.

Mission briefing

"A bomber unit is to attack the enemy ship building facility after finding an opening when the enemy front unit retreats. We want you to escort the bomber unit for this operation.

Target: The enemy fighter unit.

As you know, this ship building facility is an important strategic base for the enemy’s carrier mobile fleet and supply ships. Escorting our bomber unit is your first priority, but try to sink as many enemy warships as possible. We wish you luck!"

Mission overview




  • 5 x AH-64 - $3,000
  • 1 x F-14 Z.O.E. - $31,000
  • 2 x AA Gun - $2,000
  • 2 x Ship - $4,000


  • Mission 8B - Cuckoo's Nest: Mission 8B can be unlocked by sinking the two ships docked at the harbor. If Cuckoo's Nest is chosen, then Rising High will remain locked in this playthrough.
  • F-14 "Z.O.E. Captain": the first Z.O.E. pilot can be found by flying to the western conast, then straight north. The target's destruction will reward you with the "Z.O.E. Captain" medal.




  • The friendly bombers in this mission do not have any collision detection, which means players can pass through them without any consequences.