Snider's Top is a glacial, mountainous landmass situated on the western coastline of the largest island in Usea's northern gulf. It is located due east of White Valley and southwest of the port of Saint Ark.


Usean coup d'etat

In the final days of the 1998 Usean coup d'état, Scarface Squadron was dispatched to Snider's Top to eliminate the fleet of warships that were serving as the coup d'état forces' final line of defense. The ensuing engagement on August 30 was a decisive victory for the Usean Allied Forces, and resulted in the destruction of numerous rebel warships, advanced bombers, and the Federal Erusea Air Force's Albireo Squadron, which had defected to the rebels' cause. This led to the success of Operation Bellissima.[1]

Lighthouse War

During the Lighthouse War, the Erusean Navy would use Snider's Top as a base, deploying supply platforms to support their efforts in order to prevent the Osean forces from taking over northern Usea. However, an airstrike conducted by the Long Range Strategic Strike Group would decimate their fleet, allowing IUN forces to mount a counterattack safely out of the range of the Arsenal Birds.[2]


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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy

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