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"Their jackets all bore the same patch. A relic from a nation that was long gone."
Dr. Schroeder[1]

Sol Squadron, officially the 68th Experimental Squadron,[2] is an experimental unit in the Erusean Air and Space Administration. The squadron saw deployment during the Lighthouse War.


On July 12, 2019, following the destruction of Erusean MQ-99s, Sol Squadron was deployed to the Yinshi Valley. Shortly after Mihaly entered the airspace, he was engaged by Champ. Toying with the Spare Squadron member for a while in order to "understand the enemy", Mihaly quickly shot him down, but was driven off by Trigger.[3]

On September 19, 2019, during the Battle of Farbanti, Sol was deployed to try to turn the tide, as Farbanti was almost in Osean control. During the ensuing dogfight, the Squadron inflicted heavy losses on the Osean air and naval forces, but the sateilite blackout forced their retreat, leaving Farbanti in Osean hands.

With the collapse of the Kingdom's government, most of Sol Squadron chose to desert and defend the breakaway nation of Voslage. However, when Oseans came to secure supplies stockpiled at Shilage, Sol deployed in an effort to defend their squadron leader's homeland. However, even with Mihaly flying a modified X-02S Strike Wyvern, the squadron was defeated, with Mihaly being permanently crippled. When a call came out for any surviving military forces to take back the International Space Elevator, Sol chose to respond under the Voslagian flag, sans their injured commander. Flying alongside their former enemies in the Long Range Strategic Strike Group, they proved crucial in taking back the Elevator, despite the loss of most of the remaining squadron.  

After the Hugin and Munin ADF-11F Raven UAVs entered the airspace and began shooting down the surviving military forces, Sol 2 Wit and Sol 3 Seymour left combat airspace and went to a friendly airbase until Strider Squadron re-entered the Space Elevator's airspace. During the battle between the UAVs and the Fighters, Sol 2 was shot down and presumably killed from his aircraft exploding, causing Sol 3 to promise to avenge Sol 2.   

Alternatively, if the player is quick enough to shoot down both UAVs before they shoot down Sol 2, the two will share unique dialogue that is otherwise unobtainable.   



  • In real-world mythology, Sol can refer to...
  • "Sol" is the Latin word for "Sun".
  • Interestingly, the Su-30M2s of this squadron do not have co-pilots occupying the rear seats. This can be easily observed by flying beside Seymour (and/or Wit) after shooting down the ADF-11F Ravens during Dark Blue.


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