"Their jackets all bore the same patch. A relic from a nation that was long gone."
Dr. Schroeder[1]

Sol Squadron, officially the 68th Experimental Squadron,[2][3] is an experimental unit serving with the Erusean Air and Space Administration. The squadron saw deployment during the Lighthouse War. It was featured as the main antagonist squadron for most of the campaign of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

Mihaly A. Shilage, the squadron's leader, accepted his Erusean status but the other Sol pilots continued to wear the Voslagian Air Force emblem on their flight suits.[1] After Mihaly was shot down, Sol Squadron flew alongside the Long Range Strategic Strike Group during Operations Daredevil[4] and Hush.[5]


In real-world mythology, Sol can refer to...

  • ...the solar deity from ancient Roman religion, Sol Invictus ('Unconquered Sun').
  • ...the Norse sun goddess, Sól.
  • ...the Latin word for "Sun".


Lighthouse War

At the onset of the war, Sol Squadron was formed to support Mihaly on his combat sorties.[1] On May 30, 2019, Mihaly flew solo during Osea's Operation Dual Wielder to check on the Erusean drones deployed on the front lines. He shot down Gargoyle 1 and Golem 2 before retreating from the airspace.[6] The combat physically strained him, so the squadron did not deploy again for over a month.[7]

Champ chasing Mihaly

On July 12, Mihaly, Wit, and Seymour joined a formation of Erusean drones chasing the Osean reconnaissance squadrons Cyclops and Strider away from Stonehenge. The three Sol pilots reached them in Yinshi Valley, where Spare Squadron was attempting to escort Cyclops and Strider. Mihaly engaged and killed Spare 8 as well as another Spare pilot and one recon pilot before Trigger engaged him in a dogfight through the valley. Tabloid engaged Wit and Seymour simultaneously to prevent them from chasing Trigger or the other Oseans. All of Sol Squadron eventually retreated from the area after heavy thunderclouds continued to roll in.[8]

The squadron remained grounded for another two months while Dr. Schroeder ordered a new flight suit for Mihaly to support his flying style. Schroeder was instantly amazed by Mihaly's control on his aircraft while using the new suit; the other Sol members couldn't keep up with their leader.[9]

Mihaly attacking an Osean Ticonderoga-class Aegis cruiser

Osea launched a large-scale invasion of Erusea's capital, Farbanti, on September 19. Erusea called on the entirety of Sol Squadron to provide backup; the squadron arrived after Osea had already captured the majority of Farbanti's territory. Mihaly managed to sink multiple Osean ships, prompting Osean headquarters to order Cyclops and Strider Squadrons to shoot him down. Trigger and Wiseman jointly engaged Mihaly after he shot down Fencer. Wiseman drew Mihaly through Farbanti's submerged district until Mihaly killed him. Trigger continued to engage Mihaly, but Mihaly and the rest of Sol Squadron retreated after both sides lost communications, leaving Farbanti in Osean hands.[10]

After the collapse of Erusea's government, Sol Squadron chose to desert from Erusea and instead defend refugees amassed at Shilage and Voslage; the squadron reformed itself as part of the Voslagian Air Force. When Strider Squadron arrived on October 24 to secure Shilage's stockpiled supplies for themselves, Sol deployed and attempted to defend the area. Trigger shot down Roald and Hermann—their subsequent fates are left unexplored—before Mihaly arrived in an experimental X-02S Strike Wyvern. Mihaly ordered Wit and Seymour to leave and stay alive for the sake of their homeland. Trigger engaged Mihaly in an extended dogfight until Trigger finally shot him down. Mihaly asked on an open channel for Trigger to "put a stop to the drone production" before his radio cut out;[11] he survived his injuries but was crippled and could no longer fly.[12]

One week later, Avril Mead put out a call for those looking to end the war to help retake the International Space Elevator from Erusean radicals. Wit and Seymour responded under the Voslagian flag to support the Oseans and Eruseans fighting the radicals. The two proved useful to their former rivals; they revealed that Erusea's drones were flying in slave mode alongside radical pilots, and Wit provided a way to destroy the Arsenal Bird by explaining where to attack it.[4] After two ADF-11F Ravens entered the airspace to shoot down the coalition forces, Wit and Seymour retreated to a friendly airbase until the coalition returned the next day. The two pilots joined the others in fighting the Ravens, observing that they flew precisely like Mihaly.[5]

Seymour always survives the final battle against the Ravens, but Wit's fate depends on the player. If the player manages to shoot down both Ravens at around the same time, Wit will survive the fight. Otherwise, the second Raven will shoot down Wit, prompting Seymour to attempt to avenge him during the fight with the first ADF-11.[5]


Replica Sol aircraft on an Osean runway behind the aircraft of Strider Squadron

On June 30, 2020, replica Sol Squadron aircraft, including an X-02S Strike Wyvern, were showcased on a runway at Redmill Air Force Base alongside the aircraft of Strider, Mobius, Yellow, Garuda, Avalanche, Strigon and Galm squadrons at a ceremony commemorating the 25th anniversary of the end of the Belkan War hosted by the Osean Federation.[13]



  • Sol Squadron does not have co-pilots occupying the rear seats. Mihaly has a Copro unit behind him, but the other Sol members have no human or AI in the rear seat behind them. This is easiest to notice while flying alongside Seymour or Wit during "Dark Blue".