Soldier of Fortune is the 19th mission in the original Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere and is the first mission in the General Resource (I) Arc.


Taking advantage of this situation in which things lean in favor of General Resource, we will assault a Neucom air base. This will be an act of war during ceasefire, so after this attack, we will enter war with Neucom, and then with UPEO as well. We want you all to face this mission in mind.


The player has to destroy all R-201s before they take off. If 3 minutes pass, the enemy aircraft will take off; the surviving aircraft and a tower will become targets.

Enemy Lists

Standard Units

Unit Count Notes
Initial Icon-AirTGT R-201 Asterozoa 8
Icon-GroundEnemy GUN 4
Icon-GroundEnemy MSSL 1
Icon-AirEnemy EF-2000E Typhoon II 2
Icon-AirEnemy F/A-18U Hornet ADV 2
Mission Update Icon-GroundTGT Tower 1 [note 1]
Icon-AirTGT R-201 Asterozoa 1-8 Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no name must have content.

Special Units

Unit Notes
Icon-AirEnemy F/A-18U Hornet ADV "Erich" [note 2]
Icon-AirEnemy F/A-18U Hornet ADV "Fiona" Template:Notecall


  • A: 15+ enemies destroyed.
  • B: 10-14 enemies destroyed.
  • C: 9 or less enemies destroyed.
  • D: Mission update is triggered. [1]


Introduction to General Resource

We give you a hearty welcome to General Group. From now on we'd like you to take action more often, wearing the pride of being part of the world's largest conglomerate, General Group, on your sleeve. Our group is... (screen cuts off.)

UPEO member transfer

Carl Larson: Good evening. This is General News Today. I'm Carl Larson.

Ceriese Kristy: Good evening. I'm Ceriese Kristy.

Larson: We begin first with the fighter that made an emergency landing at Fort Grace airport...

Kristy: Yes, these are the events. At twilight yesterday, a single fighter suddenly appeared over General's Fort Grace airport, where it made an emergency landing. The previously unidentified plane, after an inquiry by General Resource air defense security, was confirmed to be affiliated with UPEO. The reason for the landing is regarded to be the transfer of said plane's crewman to General Resource. General Resource's air defense security is still inquiring as to the full details of the crewman's transfer.

Larson: Now, after hearing this news, some of our viewers might wonder how this fighter suddenly appeared over Fort Grace airport when no one has ever flown undetected by General Resource's surveillance systems... well, wouldn't some like to ask that question?

Kristy: If a fighter plane can elude surveillance systems so easily, and land at a General Resource airport, maybe we should consider the possibility that we might be unwittingly living under dangerous circumstances, might we?

Larson: Yes, indeed. It's exactly as you said. And because of this, we've sent a request to General Resource headquarters for special permission to cover this story. As a result, none other than the Commander of General Resource Defense Force, Abyssal Dision, agreed to answer our questions directly via videophone.

Kristy: And so, without further delay, we present you the video tape recording.

Dision: Today, our surveillence systems did not issue an alert because we and the pilot of the fighter that had landed had established contact beforehand, so the landing was actually planned, while, as for General's defenses, I assure you that nothing like what's being recorded is occuring. I suppose this confusion was caused by the leaking of images taken by the airport's cameras that some news outlet got ahold of. As for us, we regret the fact that images like these have been leaked, and we are investigating the matter.

Kristy: -So what that means is, that this whole transfer drama was planned all along?

Larson: General Resource has a partnership with UPEO, so it stands to reason that such a transfer would be shrouded in secrecy, I suppose.

Kristy: According to the people involved, it appears that the crewman in question is a quite talented ace.

Larson: However, if you hear the opinion of another ace pilot from General Resource, who has been in Mr. Dision's team for many years, Mr. Keith Bryan, there seems to be a little disagrement.

Keith: Huh? That fighter-? Look, generally speaking... There's no way some punk who barely cut it with UPEO's sissies, is gonna pass for one of our General members! Well, eventually... We'll see if this pilot's got what it takes. -Wait a sec, are you guys even allowed to cover this?

Your future with us

Dision: First, believe my words when I say, thank you for accepting my high-handed invitation. From what I've seen so far, your skill would be too good to let you stay a pawn of a corrupt UPEO. We are, as of now, about to enter a time of great change. A time in which we should hide our noble ideals deep in our hearts and fight. The world will not change without bloodshed. -Trust me on this. Well, from now on, you will be assigned to a unit under my command. An "Eagle Plus" and a "Sakerfalcon" have been prepared for you. Show me the full extent of your skill. I have great expectations!

[Mission Start]

Abyssal Dision: Say, why don't we go and see how powerful Neucom really is.

(The GR unit encounters UPEO forces.)

Dision: Don't worry about the UPEO pushovers. ...You're with General now!

(Dision and Keith engage the UPEO forces, while Nemo wipes out the Neucom aircraft at the airbase.)

(If any Neucom aircraft survive past 3 minutes:)

Commander: Neucom attack aircraft have taken off! Destroy them and all nearby facilities!

(When all aircraft are destroyed, the mission ends.)

[Mission ends]

Superb First Mission

(Plays if mission accomplished is achieved.)

Dision: You showed me your stuff again. Even I, who gave the brass the hard sell and assigned you, am happy. However, among those at General, there are still comrades who do not think well of you coming from UPEO. But, if you keep this up, the time will come when everyone will approve of you. This conflict will intensify more and more. Our turn will come again soon. Until then, rest your wings, okay? ...Farewell.

Future Expectations

(Plays if mission over is achieved.)

Dision: Good job. Even though you're still inexperienced, I, for one, appreciate what you've done for us thus far. However, in the inside circle, voices that criticize you as well as me, are smoldering. This situation isn't exactly the best of circumstances for you and me. To stifle these voices, you will have to use your own power. This conflict will intensify more and more. You'll get the chance. I look forward to your future success.


The assault on the Neucom air base was successful.


  1. Reinforcements
  2. Aces


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