Solis Ortus is an isolated rural town located in the mountains of southern Ustio. During the Belkan War in 1995, Solis Ortus was occupied by the Belkan Army and later liberated by the Allied Forces.


Solis Ortus can be described as three clusters of rural towns that lie along adjoining valleys between the mountains. The remote town appears to be spread out, lightly populated, and devoid of buildings taller than a few stories. The valleys in which Solis Ortus is located feature coniferous forests and wide, grassy meadows. In the warmer spring and summer months, snow vanishes from the mountains surrounding Solis Ortus, exposing their rocky peaks.[1]


During the Belkan War, Solius Ortus was occupied by the Belkan Army as a result of being the closest inhabited area to Ustio's capital, Directus. The Belkans eventually deployed a large number of anti-aircraft artillery units into and around Solis Ortus in order to deter aerial assaults.[2]

At 0550hrs in the morning of May 12, 1995, the Allied Forces launched a daring airborne invasion of Solis Ortus. A detachment of the Osean Army's 101st and 122nd Airborne Divisions—supported by Galm Team and other Allied fighters—attacked the town as a prelude to the liberation of Directus. Galm Team successfully destroyed the Belkan air defenses scattered across Solis Ortus, thereby securing a safe drop zone for the Osean paratroopers. The three main areas of Solis Ortus were ultimately freed from Belkan control, which allowed the Allies to begin preparations for an assault on the Ustian capital.[1]



  • "Solis ortus" is Latin for "sunrise".
  • Solis Ortus may be based on the mountain city of Baguio in the Philippines.
    • An enemy ace that appears during the mission, callsign "Fischer",[3] may be a reference to Bobby Fischer, an American chess grandmaster who lived in Baguio.