"Blaze, how you feelin'? Solo flights can be real lonely... but that's what flying is all about, really."
Wolfgang Buchner

Solitaire is the 22nd mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, but is treated in the game as Mission 21. The player is tasked with taking photos of the aggressor squadron on Mount Schirm for evidence.


We're carrying out a reconnaissance mission in order to obtain photographs of the enemy complex. After deciphering the code we received earlier, we've learned that the mining facility in the forest area northwest of Belka is active. An early-warning radar network has been spread across the entire forest. To reduce the probability of enemy detection, this mission will be carried out by a single aircraft. Try to approach the target under complete electronic silence, evading radar and passive search techniques. Flying at low attitude is an effective method of delaying or denying enemy detection. You will receive instructions on your recon target from the Command Information Center upon arriving in the mission area. The CIC will monitor you from a support camera. Concentrate on slipping through the enemy radar net first. Your plane in this mission will be completely stripped of weaponry. Instead, it will be equipped with the necessary visual reconnaissance equipment. There is a chance you may encounter the enemy, but your recon mission always takes top priority. Once you take the photos, egress from the target area and return from the enemy defenses as directed.


The player cannot use special weapons for their aircraft in this mission; a Reconnaissance Camera (RCAM) is used instead.


The mission's first objective is to fly through the radar network to the mine without being detected; the player must then take a picture of two transports and the mine at the same time.

Mission Update 1

After a picture of the transports and the mine is taken, the mission's next objective is to take a picture of two fighters on a runway before they take off.

Mission Update 2

After taking a picture of the fighters, the mission's final objective is to escape west to the Return Line. The fighters have taken off and detected the player, so they are free to fly through the radar network to escape.

Enemy Lists

The player cannot attack in this mission due to a lack of weapons.

S Rank

Achieving an S rank on this mission requires completing the mission under 6 minutes.[1]


The recon mission in the mining facility was a success. The images taken clearly show aircraft from the Yuktobanian aggressor squadron parked next to planes from the mysterious 8492 Squadron. We will continue to analyse the photographs you took.


  • The mission's title "Solitaire" may be a reference to the popular card game of that name. The fact that this mission is the 21st in the game may also refer to another popular card game, Blackjack, in which the sole objective is to perfectly reach the number 21.
  • Along with other units that later appear in Closure, unmarked anti-air guns are located along the riverbanks. These AA guns do not fire upon the player and they do not cause mission failure if the player flies near them.[2]