The Solo Islands are an island chain located in the Ceres Ocean off the west coast of the Osean continent, north of Sand Island.


The Solo Islands' topography is varied and features steep mountain peaks, expansive steppes, and narrow beaches; the islands are sparsely populated and covered in tropical vegetation. One of the larger landmasses is home to a scrapyard, which houses derelict aircraft. A series of tunnels bored through one of the northernmost islands is evidence of mining operations that once took place on the islands. The Solo Islands also emit a radar-jamming electromagnetic field, which is generated by a large concentration of magnetite ore within the islands' strata.[2]


In the early morning hours of December 7, 2010, Wardog Squadron, which had been wrongfully accused of being spies, escaped Sand Island Air Force Base and fled north over the Ceres Ocean. At approximately 0702hrs the following morning, the 8492nd Squadron located the Wardog traitors in the vicinity of the Solo Islands and received orders from Major Allen C. Hamilton to shoot them down.[1]

Peter N. Beagle, who was leading the deserters' formation, directed his comrades to fly closer to the islands, allowing the natural EM field to disrupt the 8492nd's radar and missile-guidance systems. The fugitives eventually eluded the 8492nd by flying through the islands' terrain and tunnels. Shortly thereafter, the Wardog pilots were intercepted by Cpt. Marcus Snow of the OFS Kestrel and were shot down.[2] According to official records, the pilots were killed, thus ending the history of Wardog Squadron.[3] In actuality, however, the pilots survived by ejecting from their planes and were subsequently recovered by the Sea Goblin helicopter team.[4]



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