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Sova Squadron was an Il-76 transport squadron. [1]


Sova Squadron transported supplies & doctors to Belyi Base during the New Russian Federation uprising, escorted by Warwolf Squadron. While on the way to Belyi Base, the base came under heavy attack by New Russian Federation forces. Warwolf Squadron came to the base's assist while Molot Squadron was on the way to protect Sova Squadron from incoming air attacks. After the attacks had been halted at first, Warwolf Squadron had to land at the base to refuel, while Sova got attacked by enemy air forces, with Sova 1 in critical status. Warwolf, after refueling hot, came to the rescue and depending on if the player managed to shoot down most of the enemy aircraft, all Sova planes landed safely on the base, being under attack of another wave of enemy ground forces, until Warwolf repelled the attacks once more. [1]



  • If Sova 1 is saved from the hostile aircraft & successfully lands on the base's runway, the player earns the trophy/achievement Smooth Flight.


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