"We're all prepared to buy the farm, and that's why there's so many of us."
― Specter 1[1]

Specter Squadron was an Osean Maritime Defense Force patrol and anti-submarine warfare squadron which saw deployment during the Lighthouse War.


On September 14, 2019, Specter Squadron was deployed to PX80443 in the Spring Sea, where they participated in Operation Fisherman. After arriving in the area of operation, Specter began deploying a sonobuoy barrier in order to help detect the rogue Erusean submarine Alicorn. During the operation, the squadron came under attack by SACS and multiple SLUAVs, despite this, they still managed to complete their operation with defence provided by the Long Range Strategic Strike Group and other Osean aircraft. After narrowing down the Alicorn's potential position, Trigger located the submarine and the participating Osean Navy vessels launched VL-ASROCs at it, forcing it to surface. Specter continued to provide support in the ensuing battle, and eventually the Alicorn was later sunk.[1]



It is unknown as to why the P-1s of Specter Squadron were unable to use their onboard MADs (Magnetic Anomaly Detector) to aid in the search and locating of the Alicorn.


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