This article is about the mission. For the eponymous aircraft, see AC-130U Spooky.

"Spooky" is the fourth mission in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It is the only AC-130 mission in the game.


NATO intelligence has traced the SRN's ordnance back to Mogadiyu, an archeologically important region located in the south. As a result, a full-blown attack of the area cannot be authorized. During a short briefing prior to the mission, Task Force 108 general Pierre La Pointe claims that ground troops should be deployed there, while William Bishop replies saying that the troops will be wiped out by the rebels should they be present there. However, pilot Janice Rehl states that she and her crew can use their AC-130U Spooky to provide cover to the ground forces while avoiding collateral damage to the ruins and civilian areas.

Shortly after 13:00 PM, the NATO forces begin the operation at Mogadiyu, which opens with the Warwolf Squadron destroying a rebel SAM sites. Shortly afterwards, Bishop tells Janice about a civilian flight being chased by SRN fighters in the north, and the Warwolf team breaks off. Spooky 01 then begin their mission, destroying several rebel vehicles and killing a number of infantry in the valley bellow. Nomad Squadron then deploys Delta Force troops in a nearby town, which then fight their way through rebel mortar & sniper fire with the aid of the AC-130. The Delta soldiers make it to an entrance to the Trinity storage site, prompting Spooky 01 to break off and fly towards an airfield. SO Spense destroys several MiG-21bis Fishbed fighters while they are taking off, and proceeds to bombard the whole site.

Minutes later, the Delta troops emerge from the underground tunnels. However, the allied helicopters are unexpectedly met with heavy anti-aircraft fire, prompting them to flee. Nomad 61 in particular is hit with heavy fire and is forced to escape. Under the rebel assault, the Nomad Blackhawks land to recover the Delta Force soldiers, but are forced to evacuate. In the middle of the battle, Nomad 62 notes that a Delta soldier named Lt. Nicholas was left behind as he searched for one of his men. Several seconds later, the lieutenant emerges from the tunnels, and is attacked by a small number of rebel vehicles, which are eliminated by the Spooky. Janice then suggests D-Ray about using the AC-130's Fulton recovery system to rescue Nicholas, to which the former agrees. Rehl deploys the "package" under heavy AA fire, and then attemtps to snag the balloon; however; a crosswind causes her to miss. She tries once more to recover the Fulton balloon, this time successfully recovering it. With Lt. Nicholas on board, Janice returns to base.

Top Rank[]

Earning the top Clear Rank (S Rank in Japanese, A Rank in other languages) on this mission requires a total score of 1,700 or more.[1]


  • "Spooky" is considered by many to be one of the most difficult levels in the game, specially in Ace difficulty.
  • During the airfield bombing section, two transports with T-tail configuration can be seen on the tarmac next to the hangars. The planes are An-12 Cubs.
  • Rarely, a glitch will occur during the escape from the caverns which causes a Delta soldier's AI to malfunction, causing him to stand still in place. No attacks from Spooky 01 will kill him, and any rebel soldiers nearby will simply ignore him. When Nomad 62 takes off and departs, he will despawn, and the level proceeds as normal.
  • In the opening scene, Bishop incorrectly states that it was PJs (Air Force Pararescue) that rescued Red Moon, not Delta.


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