Spooky One

Spooky 01 emblem.

Spooky 01 is the call-sign of NATO's U.S. Air Force gunship, AC-130U Spooky, piloted by Major Janice Rehl. Its only appearance is in fourth mission Spooky.

Being the U-variant, its name is "Spooky II" and is an advanced version of a family of AC-130 gunships.


Spooky One was being sent to provide support to an Army's Delta Force team assaulting the ruins near the city of Mogadiyu, being deployed by three helicopters of Nomad and Shooter Squadrons. It also deployed its surface-to-air recovery system to collect the team leader, Lieutenant Nicholas, before returning to base.

Armament and Equipment[]

  • 1 x 25mm GAU-12 Equalizer Gatling gun
  • 1 x 40mm Bofors L/60 cannon
  • 1 x 105mm M102 howitzer
  • Surface-to-air recovery system



  • In the mission, Rehl tells SO Spense to "use the 120", but the AC-130U usually doesn't carry a 120mm, but a 105mm howitzer. However, there has been talks of replacing the M102 105mm howitzer with a M120 120mm mortar.