Spotlight - Bravo is the tenth mission of Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


Burford: The Valahia have declared an attack on London, which explains the recent relocation of their aerial base. Our progress to London has been stalled due to Valahian attacks across Europe. I know you might not agree with this, but just concentrate on the mission we've been assigned. We've been ordered to destroy the enemy's large-scale jamming station, Mora. Mora is a Turkish military facility in the mountains that have been occupied and converted by Valahia. Its jamming signals affect airspace over Anatolia, the Black Sea and the Dardanelles. This is severely limiting eastern European marine routes. The jamming must be stopped. Your mission will be to destroy the station, while navigating through the jammed airspace. Scouts report that several system functions, including radar and lock-on, will be rendered useless. It goes without saying that this will be a very difficult op. Select aircraft and arms carefully. Destroy the long-range artillery in the mountains to provide support to those stationed in the channel. Prepare to launch, Antares Squadron.


Achieve 7,500 or more points.

Named Aces

  • SR-71 Blackbird Buzzword - appears above the Mora jamming facility sometime after the high-performance SAM is disabled.


Burford: The mission was a success. Jamming signals in the Anatolia area have been lifted. I know just how difficult this mission was, but you performed excellently. Well done. As I am sure you are aware, London and other European cities are now all terrified of a Valahia attack. It is up to us to put an end to this nightmare. We will be counting on you Antares Squadron.


  • This mission is similar to "In Pursuit I" from Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception in which player must first destroy a number of power plants powering a facility equipped with high-performance anti-aircraft defense before taking out the jamming facility itself. Except there's no decoy power plant in this mission and the jamming effect disminishes along with high-performance SAM.
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