St. Elmo's Fire is a 15th mission in Ace Combat 2 and the 2nd mission in Operation "A"LPHAVILLE. If all three ships in the fleet survive, Juggernaut will be unlocked as an alternate mission choice in addition to Visiting Hours.


The decision was made to send out our aircraft carrier mobile fleet for an invasion deep inside enemy territory. The operation is to go through the Payton Channel, and quickly break through the center of the enemy forces. It is expected that the enemy force will concentrate in a counterattack on our mobile fleet to halt our progress. We want you to escort this break-throough-channel operation, and to protect our mobile fleet unit.

Target: The enemy fighters and the ground force

Attack the enemy with full firepower in order to allow our entire fleet to pass through safely!



  • 2 x Warship
  • 1 x Carrier


  • 4 x EF-2000 - $8,500 each.
  • 4 x A-7 - $3,000 each.
  • 8 x AA Gun - $1,000 each.
  • 2 x SAM - $2,000 each.


  • 1 x F-15E "Dao" - $20,000
  • 1 x F-15E "Jian" - $20,000
  • 1 x F-15E "Xiao" - $20,000


  • Money: $28,000
  • Unlocks: Juggernaut (only if all allied ships survive), Dao.Jian.Xiao (Badge; only if Dao, Jian, and Xiao are shot down), F-22.


  • In the field of naval navigation, a St. Elmo's fire is a natural phenomenon occurring in storms, in which shining plasma appears on an object during a thunderstorm.


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