St. Elmo's Fire is the fifteenth mission in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.


Listen up, this is your next mission. We will now commence a large-scale invasion on the Rebel's temporary capital, Saint Ark. Allied ground, sea and air forces will be divided into Operation Alphaville and Operation Bellissima, where we will caputre Rebel bases in each region and secure a path to Saint Ark. Scarface Squadron will be joining the first wave of attacks with Operation Alphaville. Our duty this time will be guarding an Allied fleet. The 4th Fleet has broken through Payton Channel and is commencing an attack on a Rebel base. There are enemy forces stationed in the channel, but we can't go around or the base will have time to prepare. Get ready to take some damage during the forced breakthrough. Scarface Squadron, you will escort the 4th Fleet and protect them from enemy attack. Operation Alphaville cannot fail. Good luck out there, Scarface Squadron. [1]


The mission's primary targets are two groups of Rebel warships that block the 4th Fleet's path through the channel. The first appears halfway through the channel and the second appears at its exit. They spawn as the 4th Fleet progresses through the channel. The player must also protect the 4th Fleet from attacks from non-primary target enemies.

Enemy Lists[]

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S Rank[]

Finish the mission with 7400 points or more.


The 4th Fleet has successfully broken through the channel. Now they can begin attacking the enemy base. Gaining control of Payton Channel will also carry major implications in the war from now on. You did a great job suppressing that attack. Thank you, Scarface Squadron. I can't believe that Liam. He still hasn't given up on Sophie. Good grief.[1]