The Stand Canyon is a deep ravine located in the deserted southern area of Aurelia, between Kingshill and the city of Santa Elva.


Stand Canyon is home to an Aurelian natural resource site. Stand Canyon had become a mining facility, built with some bridges and mining equipment. Narrow rock canyons are spread out the entire area, covered with reddish brown sand surfaces, making it look very desolated, though there is also vegetation that grows around the area. The canyons are very strong and craggy.


The Aurelian Army's Davis Unit was ordered to attack Santa Elva, with the intention to retake the city as it was the vital transportation network for both the armies of Aurelia and Leasath. The Davis Unit entered Stand Canyon, but was immediately surrounded by Leasathian forces. Gryphus Squadron was dispatched to provide air support for Davis Unit, destroy all enemy forces and provide safe passage for their allies. During the operation, the Gleipnir provided long-range support to the Leasathian forces with its SWBMs. Gryphus Squadron was forced to fly below the rim of the canyon for the remainder of the operation in order to avoid long-range attacks. Gryphus Squadron completed their mission and secured a safe route to attack Santa Elva.[1]


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