This mission has no corresponding operation page since it is not considered part of Strangereal canon.
For the canon variant of this mission, see Standoff in the Skies II.

Standoff in the Skies I is a mission in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.


Eugene Solano: I'll now go over the details of our mission to retake Santa Elva, a city vital to the enemy's transportation network. If we succeed in retaking the city, our capital Griswall will be within reach. It seems that the damage the Gleipnir bore from our attack over Terminus Island is being repaired here in Santa Elva. The previous attack was proof enough of the ability of individual fighters to effectively strike at the Gleipnir, so all ground forces that run the risk of becoming a target will hold their position here.

Enemy ground forces are most likely prepared for any kind of assault, but with the Gleipnir unable to fly, now is the time to strike. Even the Gleipnir wouldn't risk killing their own troops stationed at the base by firing the short range cannon. It looks like there's no escape for them this time, sir.


The player begins at the southern area of the map, with two Mirage 2000D aircraft approaching from the front. The damage sustained by the Gleipnir during the events of The Midnight Sun means that the warship cannot launch Shock Wave Ballistic Missiles, leaving it only with basic onboard weapons to defend itself. Various anti-air vehicles are strewn throughout Santa Elva, along with a small number of enemy interceptors if the Mirages have not been destroyed first.

Mission Update 1

After the Gleipnir's defense weapons are disabled, a short confrontation will ensure between the Gleipnir's captain and her crew, leading it to turn upside down in an attempt to fire the Shock Cannon. The time between the maneuver and the weapon firing is extremely short, and will likely kill the player unless they position themselves beneath the ship.

The Gleipnir will fire the Shock Cannon twice before alternating between normal and inverted flight. The cannon's firing disc will only suffer damage is struck directly in the center, forcing one to time their attacks between the Shock Cannon's activation. The weapon's kill zone is limited to a certain radius around the Gleipnir, and will not cause damage if the player is at a sufficient distance.

Enemy Lists

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Special units

Unit Points Minimum
Icon-AirEnemy.svg ★ Vehicle 100 Easy Unlocks "Kinetic Energy Penetration Shell" weapon part
Icon-AirEnemy.svg MiG-29A 640 Normal [note 1]

S Rank

Earning an S rank on this mission requires earning 14,000 points.[1]


Eugene Solano: The Gleipnir is no more! Shortly after out victory, ground forces successfully retook Santa Elva. The Santa Elva victory is fantastic news, but even more so, the defeat of the Gleipnir is sure to boost morale and give us a strategic advantage in this war. Next we liberate the capitol, Griswall. We’ve already come this far, sir.


  1. Shoot down six aircraft in the first part of the mission, before destroying the Gleipnir's weapons. FROST will then spawn in the northeast


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