Steel Axe is the first campaign mission in Ace Combat: Joint Assault. The player is taught basic controls and is partially introduced to the game's story.


Burford: Listen up, Martinez Security M42 Squadron. This is your company leader, Frederick Burford. Here's your briefing for the upcoming mission. It's a joint military show with the Seventh Fleet and SDF, in the Pacific, near the Midway Islands. Martinez Security has been given special permission to take part in this military exhibition. This is almost unheard of for a private military company, which speaks well of our reputation. But I don't intend on being satisfied with just that. Show them exactly how good we are. We also have a new pilot joining the M42. Call sign "Antares." They say he's a great pilot with military background. I hope we can put his skills to good use. That's all. Prepare to deploy.


Enemy Lists[]

Phase 1

Unit Points Count Notes
Icon-AirTGT F-4E 280 3
Icon-AirEnemy F-4E 280 2
Icon-AirTGT F-5E 240 2
Icon-AirEnemy F-5E 240 2

Phase 2

Unit Points Count Notes
Icon-AirTGT F-4E 280 4
Icon-AirTGT B-52 320 1
Icon-AirEnemy B-52 320 3
Icon-AirEnemy AJS 37 300 6
Icon-AirEnemy MIG-21-93 440 6

Named Aces[]

  • X-45 Watercress - appears with two F-4Es during the tutorial session in which you're instructed to shoot down two F-5Es with the QAAM missiles.


Clear the mission in under three minutes and thirty seconds.


Burford: Things took a nasty turn for your first mission, but you handled yourself well. Both Rigel and Antares Squadron, good work. However, hostiles are headed for Tokyo. We can't rest on our laurels here. We need to stop them from reaching their destination.