Storm the Mother Ship is the twelfth mission of Air Combat.

The coup d'état forces are losing strength, and in their desperation have dispatched a large naval fleet to the country's central ocean, spearheaded by a mother ship (that is, an aircraft carrier.) It is the player's objective to intercept and sink the mothership.


"The enemy is committing its huge mother ship to this theater. They are growing desperate. Eliminate the mother ship and their naval mobility is crippled. There are no reference points on the ocean. Pay attention to the operational map. Target: Mother ship.[1] Good luck!"



  • 11 x Ground - $88,000,000 total


  • 2 x F-4 (Veteran) - $10,000/$20,000 total
  • 2 x EF-2000 (Rookie) - $20,000/$40,000 total
  • 3 x F-14 (Veteran) - $40,000/$120,000 total


  • Money: $13,300,000
  • Unlock: SF-39 (aircraft), Ana, Yang (wingmen)


  1. The subtitles state "Mother ship and enemy fleet" but the briefing officer does not say "and enemy fleet".
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