The following is a global timeline encompassing all important events in the Strangereal (pre-Joint Assault) timeline. Many of the events seen on this timeline come from Ace Combat Sources, ranging from the Ace Combat games themselves, and Translated Sources from Namco-Bandai Websites and even strategy guides and game books. These sources were used in order to get every bit of information accurate and into order.


  • In Anea, the xenophobic reactions that develop against Verusan culture dominate the societeies of Nordennavic, Emmeria, and Estovakia.
  • Usean peoples begin to band exceptionally together to form the tribal nations of the Erus, the Ugell, the Cans, the Ista, and the Comberthites; they formed powerful lordships and built marvelous civilizations. The hub of this was at Axel Bay, the first region of Earth where nothing but sprawling city covers the land and port.
  • Osea's Republican ideals are recognized and observed by many other nations.


  • Wielvakia, Gebet, and the nations that are now today Fato, are founded by defective farmers and colonists looking eastward from Belka.


The Belkan Knights

The Belkan knights were fierce warriors, that follow the Code of Chivalry. They were founded by a mysterious society in 1601; their mission was to reunify the feudal city-states of all Belka, and diminish the Osean influence in the region. They fought many wars to gain their way, and find that the peoples of Belka be once again united. In late 1617, a sanction was made, and the Belkan Knights won control over Dinsmark. The nation was split into North Belka and South Belka, shortly afterward, and the peace was uneasy after Belka's transition into the Renaissance World.


  • The Kingdom of Sapin's government begins sending forth explorers and missionaries to Usea and South Osea. Christianity's religious influence and Latinized languages develop in these various regions and among the peoples.


  • The Belkan states north of the Waldreich Mountains unify under North Belka after war or diplomatic action. North Belka then begins plans to unify all of the Belkan states.



  • The serfs in Yuktobania rebel against Imperial tyranny over their impoverished lives. When the revolt is swiftly crushed, the government punishes them with the Draconian Acts; laws that punish the peasant farmers (such as forced conscription for 15 years).


  • North Belka and South Belka join together to unify the Belkan states, forming the Belkan Empire.
  • There is a border dispute between Osea and Belka ends with the Wesson Compromise. Osea is given most of the islands north of Belka (except Crescence Island) and Belka is given the Great Lakes region.


  • Belka becomes the first nation to utilize the airplane as a weapon of war by incorporating them into the Belkan Army. Osea, Yuktobania, and Sapin follow as the second-hand pioneers; within two years, every nation has control of an air force.


  • The Osean War begins when Belka invades Osea.


  • The Osean War ends with Osea as the victor. The war officially ends with the signing of the Treaty of Oured. Osea makes Belka relinquish control of the land it conquered during the war. The Belkan Empire reorganizes itself into the Principality (possibly Confederation) of Belka.


The Osean Continental War erupts between the Belkan Empire, Osean Federation, Kingdom of Sapin, Fato, Gebet, and Recta altogether. Belka stood alone in its territorial fight, but this was a war of air power; Belka easily gained early victories, but later in 1943, Osea caught up in technology with the advent of the jetfighter. Sapin, Fato, Gebet, and Recta sent stinging ground assaults all over the western borders of the Belkan Empire.

  • In 1945, the Osean population reaches 1 billion


  • In the isolated Verusan nation of Clavis, a military oriented society is built upon itself, after Yuktobania's socialist influence. A war erupts between Clavis and the landlocked country of Valga. It lasts for 3 months, hitting media headlines worldwide and having massive casualty rates.


  • ITTC INC is established as Usea’s government-operated telephone and telegraph company.


  • Belka promotes expansionism in order to gain more lands for its people. Also, during this time they regroup their Air Force. Belka begins annexing Eastern Countries, while fighting along its own borders in the West.
  • Unknown date: a "Cold War" between Osea and Yuktobania breaks out, marking the beginning of a years-long arms race. States of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) to Countervailing Strategies were reached.
  • Unknown date: Belkan scientist Anton Kupchenko is appointed lead of Project Pendragon, whose objective is to produce weapons intended for national security purposes.


  • As Belka's operations take its troops into different countries, Belka gains even more land beyond its borders. Soon, nations surrounding Belka are occupied by the Belkan Military.
  • The Osean population reaches 2 billion.


The Osean-Yuktobanian Cold War is in full effect. The arms race between the two nations begins to elevate, causing Yuktobania to push forward in weapons development and Osea to develop their Self Defense Initiative (SDI) Program. Decades later, these SDI Programs produce Yuktobania's Scinfaxi-class Submarines and Osea's Arkbird Space Plane. During this time, finance and exportation made Osea's economy boom rapidly; immigration rates were soaring in the country. In Yuktobania, the population was ranked the second highest in the world, surpassed only by Osea, and industrial output (as with increased agriculture) brought vast opportunities and treasury to the Communist-oriented government. Diplomacy was important in these times; spreading political influence was vital to maintaining security and good will between other national entities. Belka refused to comply with either, because its nationalist-expansionist-territorialist policies were loved to much by the people, class, society, military, and government.

1981 - 1984

  • The Belkan Military now sets it’s sights on neighboring Recta (The Rectan War). Initally, the Belkan Military faces difficulties as its Air Force is pushed back by the smaller but more experienced Rectan Air Force. The Belkan Air Force dispatches its best pilots to combat them, the Belkan Air Force's 126th Tactical Fighter Squadron 'Silber'. They turn the tide of the war; most noticeably at Mt. Mainz where they claimed Air Superiority, allowing Belkan Troops to take Calle City where the Rectan Liberation Front encamped. The Belkan Military then had little problems with the Rectan Forces and continued their expansion. Belka now gained land in the Recta.


  • An unknown group of fighters fly over Crescence Island. The fighters were intercepted immediately by the now famous 126th Tactical Fighter Squadron. The unknown fighters are quickly destroyed. Judging from the location the fighters appeared it is speculated that they may have come from Wellow or Osea. The incident, later known as the "Ware Incident" is investigated, but provides no answers.
  • January 4: the South Belka Munitions Plant conducts the first flight of the ADFX-01/02 Morgan.



  • The era of federalism begins with the Principality of Belka being the leader. As the military budget began to increase, political authority was delegated to the Eastern countries. As a result, the troops stationed in those areas returned to Belka.
  • Northeastern Belka declares independence and is annexed by Fato. This territory later becomes known as the Fato Federation.
  • Yuktobania launches an operation against Coup d'etat Forces led by the Heum Administration in the Republic of Romny. More Information on the: Yuktobanian Border Disputes
  • December 17: In light of economic and social instability, the government of Belka amends a federal law review, which allows the north and southeastern territories to secede.


  • February 8: The northeastern territories of Belka declare their independence, and establish Mons as their new capital.
  • May 12: The southeastern territories declare their independence as the Republic of Ustio, and establish Directus as their capital.
  • May 12th, The Republic of Ustio is formed out of southeastern Belka; however, this did not help Belka's economy.


  • The Osean Federation announces their "Rearmarment Declaration of 1990". This bolstered the power and numbers of the Osean Military as a whole.


  • August 29: After the federal law review's failure to aleviate their economic troubles, Belka sells its northern territories to FATO and independent states. Amidst a fraud scandal concerning the Five Great Lakes Resources and Development Corporation and riots against the ruling National Assembly, the five great lakes' northern islands are sold off to the Osean Federation.
  • September 2: A conference is held in the Yuktobanian capital of Cinigrad, in which Prime Minister Samanov and the National Munitions Plant reveal the development of a next-generation ICBM platform, the Scinfaxi-class Submarine.
  • December 12: the Fatherland and Workers Party, the largest opposition party in Belka assumes control of the country, with the objective of restoring peace and stability within its borders.
  • The Belkan Federation sold its remaining lands to the eastern neighboring countries of Sapin, Ustio, Gebet and the Fato Federation, on August 29th, 1991. Simultaneously, the economy began to take a downturn and the number of the unemployed increased. Belka decided to cede its northern and southern part of the Great Lakes to Osea for the purpose of revitalizing the economy. The lines were drawn between Belka and the two eastern independent countries according to each race.
  • The Belkan government enters a state of unrest. During this time the public calls for order to be restored. Amidst the chaos, the extreme right-wing party of Belka takes power on December 12th, 1991.
  • Four days after the Facists take power in Belka, Recta and Gebet are formed with the new land gathered from the Belkan Federation. Ratio also gains more lands across its Western Border. Ustio gains the resource rich B7R reigon
  • On Sepetember 2nd, a Yuktobanian Article is published and tells of a new Super-Ship, known officially as the Scinfaxi-Class Submarine. Though still in development it was hailed as the "Battleship of the new age". The current Osean Minister of Foreign Affairs had ted that the ships were similar to that of the Dragonet-class Submarine which were in possession of the FCU on the Usean Continent. Questions were raised about this finding.


  • An asteroid, first labeled '1994XFO4', and later renamed 'Ulysses', was discovered approaching the Earth's atmosphere, by the International Union of Astronomists (IUA). The Usean government calls for the world's nations to meet on the subject. During the conference the FCU, IUA and NMD Agencies (National Missile Defense) meet and begin to prepare plans to destroy the Ulysses.
  • Terrorists launch a coup d'etat in Kaluga, Kalugan government forces are unable to defeat the terrorists.



  • March 25: Belka discovers natural resources within Ustio. The country begins an armed expansion of its borders, thus triggering the Belkan War. Their unexpected attack allows them to quick take over the adjacent territories.
  • March 30: Nearly all of Ustio falls to Belkan hegemony, with only the southern mountain regions remaining as the sole bastion of freedom. The Ustio Air Force's 6th Air Division suffers massive losses and is reformed into a foreign mercenary unit.


  • April 1: the remaining Ustio military forces commence a joint operation with Osea to liberate their homeland.
  • April 2: mercenaries under the 6th Air Division fight off a large bomber formation intending to bombard Valais Air Base. Among these units is the newly formed 66th Air Force Unit "Galm".
  • April 15: Ustio aircraft invade and secure Route 171, a transport route running through Arlon, Sapin.
  • April 20: the 66th AFU Galm is dispatched in a reconnaissance mission in Area B7R, a resources-rich area in the Ustio-Belka border. After bypassing the local defense perimeter, they are engaged by an ace fighter squadron. However, they defeat all attackers.
  • April 24: the Osean and Ustio forces, known collectively as the "Allied Forces" launch a joint campaign, known as "Offensive Campaign No. 4101". The operation ends with the liberation of the Futuro Canal, which becomes a naval transit line for Osea.


  • May 12: the Galm Team assist the Osean 101st and 122nd Airborne Divisions in carrying out an assault on the mountain city of Solis Ortus.
  • May 13: Ustio launches Operation: Constantine with the objective of regaining control of Directus. The battle ends with the defeat of the elite Gelb Squadron, the annihilation of the Belkan Army's Ustio branch and the liberation of the country. The invasion of Belka begins.
  • May 17: Ustio forces invade Mt. Ivrea in Belka with the intention of inspecting the region for nuclear weapons. The defense perimeter of the fortress Glatisant falls, but no nuclear ordnance is found.
  • May 19: The Schayne Plains, Belka's second line of defense is taken down by the Allied forces. The weapon Excalibur reveals its existence by wiping out a transport squadron; Galm Team barely survives the attack and escapes.
  • May 23: The Allied forces trace Excalibur's position back to Tauberg. After a lengthy battle, the weapon succumbs before the Galm Team.
  • May 28: A massive dogfight, the largest of the Belkan War, breaks out between Allied and Belkan aircraft at Area B7R. With the aid of Galm Team, the Allied forces beat back and eventually overpower the Belkan Air Force. An elite fighter squadron is shot down by Galm.
    • Wolfgang "Huckebein" Buchner refuses to follow an order to release a nuclear weapon on a Belkan city, and is accused of treason. Pursued by an "escapee killer" squadron, he attempts to lose his pursuers in the middle of Operation Battle-Axe.
    • While Galm inadvertently distracts his pursuers, Buchner is intercepted and shot down by Ashley Bernitz. After ejecting to safety, he meets Osean pilot Jack Bartlett, and the two make their way to Allied territory. Wolfgang adopts the name "Peter A. Beagle" and settles down in Sand Island AFB.


  • June 1: the industrial city of Hoffnung is attacked by the Allied Forces. The original plan of a "surgical strike" degenerates into full-blown genocide as Osean bombers release their payload on the city, causing a massive number of military and civilian casualties.
  • June 6: the Galm and Crow squadrons are dispatched to the city of Sudentor, and fly through the Waldreich Mountains to reach their destination. A large squadron of bombers carrying nuclear weapons is located and shot down by the mercenaries.
  • June 7-12: the government of Belka undergoes vital reforms following the June 6 disaster.
  • June 13: a large number of Belkan troops refusing to acknowledge the change in government take refuge in the Yering Mine in Mt. Schirm, and are taken out through Ustio intervention. Patrick James Beckett, Crow Squadron's number 3 becomes Galm 2.
  • June 20: a peace treaty between the powers involved in the war takes place in Lumen. Simultaneously, Ustio mercenaries carry out a top secret counter-insurgency operation against Belkan rebels in Anfang.


  • December 25: the revolutionary organization "A World With No Boundaries" reveals itself to the world, using the heavy command cruiser XB-0 Hresvelgr to bomb the city of Lumen. With the aid of the 11th Tactical Fighter Squadron Espada from Sapin, the aircraft later causes heavy damage to Valais Air Base. The Galm Team launches and intercepts the Hresvelgr over the Waldreich Mountains, where it is shot down.
  • December 31: the Allied forces locate A World With No Boundaries' headquarters at Avalon Dam, a Project Pendragon site in Belka, and discover their plan to launch a V2 weapon.
    • 11:00 hrs: the Galm Team launches on their final sortie towards Area B7R. On their way to Avalon, they are engaged by an elite coup squadron. The rebel aces are shot down and the mercenaries continue their mission.
    • 15:00 hrs: the Allies launch Operation Point Blank to stop the V2 launch. After arriving, Cipher and PJ fly through the Mund Valley and get to the base itself. The former flies inside the base and destroys the missile's launch control systems, effectively disabling it.
    • 15:00 hrs: While the 66th AFU is remaining on standby over Avalon, Larry Foulke appears with the ADFX-02 Morgan and kills PJ with its "Zoisite" energy weapon system. A lengthy duel ensues between Pixy and Cipher; on the verge of defeat, Pixy reveals the Morgan to contain a secondary V2 launch system and fires the missile. Cipher defeats Larry before the missile reaches the atmosphere, causing it to self-destruct. The Belkan War finally ends.
  • Far away from the Belkan War, on the Usean Continent, the Usean nations decide to build Stonehenge, a battery of rail guns capable of targeting and destroying asteroid fragments in orbit. This is the Usean response to the threat of the Ulysses asteroids. Construction begins immediately. Many FCU member states and Usean allied nations participate in its construction. Stonehenge is to be created within San Salvacion, a nation which is neutral among the Usean continent.
  • Around 6 months after the terrorists launched a coup d'etat in Kaluga in 1994 the Kalugan government hires a elite mercenary unit called the 92nd Special Tactical Fighter Squadron "Scarface" made up of some of best pilots in the world. Scarface squadron defeats the terrorists and destroys the Airborne Fortress. a smaller version of the XB-0 Hresvelgr. The Kalugan government is restored after the terrorist coup d'etat is crushed.


  • Belka's new government signs a treaty with the Allied Forces. Osea and Yuktobania provide the Southern Countries with support to rebuild after the Belkan War. Belka begins its road to recovery and goes into a period of reform. As a show of "good will" between Osea and Belka, the Osean Military incorporates an entire fighter squadron, comprised of Belkan Aces from the last war.
  • "The Falcons of Dawn" are formed and begin Terrorist operations against the Osean Federation.
  • The surviving members of the Wizard Squadron formulate a plot to assassinate the President of Osea. However, one of the members leaks out information on the plan, leading to a stand-off with the Osean Special Forces. Some members are killed and others are captured.
  • The Belkan 'Rald Party' is dismantled.
  • On the Usean Continent, hostilities begin to rise between forces from Erusea and FCU Troops. The FCU Troops are ordered to pull out of the Republic of Amber and the Independent State of Ugellas in order to avoid conflict.
  • FCU Military announces that Commander Robert Taylor will become Chief of Staff. Due to the unexpected death of Michael Riass in June of this year, Taylor was chosen quickly and took office. The Rocket Launch Facility in the Comona Islands is named after the deceased Michael Riass. From now on it is known as the "Riass Space Center".


Usean Rebellion

  • In mid-1998 a Rebel Force arises in Usea, and begins to attack and occupy Usean cities and bases. Due to the Usean Government's situation with the Ulysses approaching, they were not able to fully act against the threat. The Usean Government dispatches the Scarface Tactical Fighter Squadron (STFS) to counterattack the Rebellious military forces to stop the coup d'etat which may over throw a nations government, in its extremely fragile state. The STFS attack the rebelling military and save the Country’s current government. Fighting took place all across the Usean Continent; mostly in states which were also taking part in the construction of Stonehenge. The Rebel forces were also attacked by these states and the combined forces were able to defeat the Rebelling Forces. More Information on: The Usean Rebellion
  • The XFA-27 and ADF-01 Falken ZOE are first deployed in combat, during the Usean Rebellion. They are the first Super Aircraft in Ace Combat History. The XFA-27 later becomes the the first Super Aircraft to shoot down another Super Aircraft, the ADF-01
  • The Osean poplation reaches 3 billion.
  • Unknown date: the X-02 Wyvern makes its maiden flight.


  • July 3: at 15:00 Usea time, the Ulysses asteroid passes the earth's Roche limit. In doing so, the satellite shatters into hunderds of fragments. The northern continents of Usea and Anea suffer widespread damage. The number of casualties in Usea alone the first two weeks after the catastrophe goes over half a million.


  • Unknown date: light is shed on the humanitarian situation of refugees within Erusea, casuing the Usean Refugee Dispute.
  • The Usean Refugee Dispute occurs during this time and results in Erusea's new hostility towards nations on the Usean Continent. This event begins in the year 2000 and lasts until 2003.


  • The Euro-Asian Public Network is established. This is a Usea Government operated broadcast system, allowing announcements to be made across the entire continent.
  • The Erusean Military suddenly puts Stonehenge under its authority and occupies the Stonehenge Electromagnetic Launcher Facility in San Salvacion around August 22nd. All communications with personnel in the facility are lost. During the raid of the facility, one of the guns recieved a direct bomb hit and was rendered useless.
  • The Usean Treaty Organization withdraws support of Erusea as a whole. The FCU calls for the return of Stonehenge, its hostages and the immediate removal of all Erusean Forces from San Salvacion. This was to be met by September 14th of 2003.
  • FCU President Robert Sinclair announces that the 11 nations which made up a Continental-National Economic Alliance were to disband their current alliance and join with the FCU to form the Independent State Allied Forces (ISAF). The ISAF later gained five more nations and became an alliance of 16 nations. This coalition force declared itself to be a defensive group; of course this was argued due to the Erusean threat.
  • The Erusean Military suddenly attacks the newly formed Independent State Allied Forces on all fronts, across the Usean Continent. The ISAF is caught off guard by this sudden offensive. With lack of air support, due to Erusea's sudden use of Stonhenge as a continental ranged anti-aircraft weapon, the ISAF is pushed east, across the continent until they are out of Stonehenge's range on the continent's east-coast. With Los Canas overrun, ISAF GHQ was relocated on the nearby island nation of North Point.


  • The Erusean Military begins to be pushed back by a sudden surge of ISAF Force, on the eastern-coastline. The ISAF manage to destroy multiple vital facilities and establish a foothold on the Usean Continent. Erusea throws its entire force at the ISAF, who advance across the entire continent, but to no avail. The ISAF liberate much of their lost territory, destroying Stonehenge in the process and regain full air operations across the continent. Soon, all occupied Usean Territory is freed and Erusea itself is invaded. The Erusean Capital city was sieged in mid-2005 by the main ISAF Force, but this did not end the war completely. The remaining Erusean Officers fled to Megalith, a newly built superweapon and attempted to continue the fight from there. Megalith and the survivors are destroyed in a daring ISAF raid and the war officially ends. More Information on: The Usean Continental War (Ace Combat 04)
  • Near the end of the Continental War the ISAF had stumbled across Erusean Facilities and captured an experimental aircraft made by the EASA. It was officially known as the X-02 Wyvern, but named the "Switchblade" by ISAF Pilots. It is said to have seen action near the end of the war, when it was piloted by ISAF Ace Mobius One.


  • A Documentary by Osean Broadcast Company Reporter named: Brett Thompson is aired on international television. It is called: "Warriors and The Belkan War". He interviewed the Top Ace Pilots of the Belkan War and their experiences in battle from 1995 in order to find out the truth behind the Belkan War and the accomplishments of a Mercenary known as "Demon Lord". It was a large success.
  • The Belkan Terrorist Group "The Falcons of Dawn" have been confirmed to be responsible for seven terrorist attacks against the Osean Federation.
  • After the end of the Usean Continental War and with Stonehenge's destruction, Osea uses its Arkbird to destroy any Ulysses Fragments which threatened the planet. With the unexpected help of Yuktobania's Anti-Space Debris Hyper Laser, the Arkbird was successful in removing 80% of any Ulysses Fragments which came into earth's vacinity. Usea and Verusea also supported this new space program, along side Yuktobania, whole heartedly. This step also bettered relations between Osea and Yuktobania.


  • It has been one year since the Erusean war. Erusea’s Government is under reform by the governments of the ISAF. However, some of Erusea’s military do not approve of this forced reform and rise up to attack the ISAF, once again. The 'Free Erusean' military has a munitions factory at their disposal .A single aircraft, along with the support of a single AWACS are dispatched by ISAF HQ. The ace pilot Mobius 1 is selected alone for this mission. The Erusean threat is neutralized. The Erusean government reform proceeded smoothly and hostilities have ceased on the Usean continent for now. More Information on: Operation Katina


  • April 3: the Estovakian Civil War begins when Lieutenant-General Lyes and the Lyes United Front takes control of Estovakia's capital and then conquers the entire western region of Estovakia.


  • The "Arkbird Declaration". This event is a unified attempt to bring peace to the world by sweeping out any major issues that were on the planet. The Summit is held aboard the Arkbird, the Osean Space Plane, which was built as a result of the "Cold War" between Yuktobania and Osea. This summit included the nations of Verusea, Yuktobania, Osea, Central Usea, Nordland and Anea (believed to be all nations of Anea). Erusea was also invited and after discussions, came to the meeting. This meeting eased tensions between Yuktobania and Osea, Erusea and the ISAF, solved the Usean Refugee problem and instituted the comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and the second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.


Unknown date

  • The Grey Men remove Yuktobanian Prime Minister Seryozha Viktorovich Nikanor from power in a silent coup and replace him with one of their agents. Nikanor is moved to an internment camp in the Pobeda Peninsula.


  • Unknown date: OADF aircraft engage several bogies. Many rookies are killed in the incident; trainee Kei Nagase survives the incident.





  • Unknown date: an airshow is held at November City. The ADFX-01 Morgan, seized during or after the Belkan War, stars along with the X-02 Wyvern and the Morgan's successor, the ADF-01 FALKEN.


  • An Osean peace convention is held with countries around the world. President Harling of Osea makes an announcement stating that the events during the Circum-Pacific war would be released in 2020.
  • January 22nd - After 6 years of fighting the brutal Estovakian Civil War comes to an end with the Eastern Faction lead by Supreme Commander Gustav Dvornik victorious after the death of Lieutenant-General Lyes and the defeat of the Lyes United Front.


  • General Resource LTD is founded. General Resource's business grows substantially over the next decade. General Resource LTD. becomes the leading company within the field of engineering sciences, software and military equipment.
  • A story about the now world famous "Demons of Razgriz" is released in Osea.


Anean Continental War

  • On August 30th, 2015, Estovakia (lead by The Generals) invaded Emmeria by taking over the nation's capitol, Gracemeria. The Emmerian Forces were pushed backwards to Khesed Island. They slowly began to regain Khesed Island and eventually reached Anea. For sometime, Estovakia occupied Emmeria from August until December of 2016, when Gracermeria was liberated. During the war, the Estovakians used two different megapowerful weapons to take over Anea, the P-1112 Aigaion and the Chandelier. The Aigaion became a primary issue in taking back Emmeria. The Joint Chiefs of Staff launched a plan of action to destroy the meddlesome supercraft. The plan was to take over Chavalia Air Force Base. With Chavalia captured, the REAF (Republic of Emmeria Air Force) recieved the supplies they needed. On the day of the destruction of the Aigaion, six squadrons participated. It was a very difficult battle, but the REAF succeeded in destroying the craft. Now that the cruise missile delimna was settled, there was a good chance of Emmeria taking back Gracemeria successfully. As the time passed, the Emmerians have taken back Ragno Fortress and passed through Moloch Desert. Unfortunately, There was yet another block in their path. Estovakia ordered a scorched-earth policy toward Gracemeria. A WMD catalyst was heading straight for Gracemeria. This became a major problem for the recapturing. Fortunately, the Joint Chiefs of Staff formed a plan that destroyed the WMD thanks to 28th Fighter Squadron (Garuda Squadron). The final move was taking back Gracemeria, which was a complete success. But, the war was not over. The night of the liberation, cruise missiles suddenly attacked Gracemeria. Emmerian ESM support, Snake Pit, discovered the location of the cruise missiles. The attack was from the Chandelier, a powerful railgun originally produced for the destruction of Ulysses, but wasn't completed by the time the asteroid hit. All EAF pilots headed for Estovakia to destroy the railgun and end the war. Thanks to the Garuda Team, the Chandelier was demolished and the war was brought to a close. More information on: Anean Continental War.
  • The Estovakians deployed the CFA-44 Nosferatu, a super fighter to combat any Emmerian resistance. After the war, a copy was given to Emmeria.


  • On the Southern area of the Osean Continent, the Democratic Republic of Leasath, enters Civil War. It ends within the same year, with military dictator Diego Gaspar Navarro in control of the country.


The Leasath - Aurelia War

  • Leasath suddenly invades Aurelia without warning. Claiming that Aurelia exploited Leasath during the Civil War in 2019. The unprepared Aurelian Forces were overrun by the Leasath Forces lead by General Diego Gaspar Navarro. By mid-2020 Aurelia was almost completely occupied by the Leasath Military. Gathering what little strength they had left, Aurelia launched an out-numbered counter-attack against the Leasath Forces. Though constantly outnumbered the Aurelian Forces managed to claim victory and regain their land. During the process they had destroyed Leasath's feared Gleipnir and eventually retook their capital city, Griswall. This was in large part, thanks to Gryphus One, better known as "the Southern Cross". General Diego Gaspar Navarro fled to the near by Danern Straits to finish production of the 'Fenrir', a secret super aircraft. The facility he fled to was attacked by the Aurelian Air Force, lead by Gryphus One and destroyed, along with the Fenrir prototypes. The development Fenrir was later found to be the cause of the Aurelian-Leasath War. General Diego Gaspar Navarro has since disappeared after failing to regain power in Leasath, his whereabouts are unknown. More Information on: The Leasath-Aurelia War
  • The truth behind the Leasath-Aurelian War is found, thanks to a traveling Osean Reporter, who went to the battle area for a story in a Newspaper. His name wasAlbert Gennette; the same reporter who worked along side the Osean 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron also known as the "Demons of Razgriz", a decade earlier in 2010.
  • The XR-45 Cariburn and YR-302 Fregata are created in 2020. They are the first two Aircraft / Military Vehicles to be equipped with early versions of the COFFIN systems, seen in the 2040s. This is a turning point in technology and history itself. By the end of 2020 the COFFIN is developed and redefined, for decades on end, until it becomes the main combat system used on every military vehicle in the world; Tanks, Aircraft, and many other vehicles are included. Much of the technology and designs of the Cariburn and Fregata are believed to have been created by Neucom Inc.
  • An aircraft known as the YR-99 Forneus is used during the Leasath-Aurelia War. This aircraft bares a high resemblance to Neucom's R-100 Delphinius Series, is advertised as a prototype for the next generation fighter aircraft and believed to be a Neucom Delphinius prototype.
  • The Osean government publicly de-classifies information of the "Ghosts of Razgriz". Along with flight data, mission statements and other military data, personal identities are revealed. The four pilots are named as followed: Kei Nagase (RZ Two), Hans Grimm (RZ Three) Marcus Snow (RZ Four) and the last pilot only known as 'Blaze'. Information of this pilot is extremely sketchy and otherwise inaccurate. One pilot crashed and died when the air raid at November City occurred. His name was Alvin H. Davenport.
  • A new era begins. Many of the world's countries are being taken over by World Wide Corporations, such as Neucom Inc. and General Resource LTD. Many countries merely become shadows of their former selves.


  • The ITTC INC is privatized and open for a new owner.


  • The ITTC INC is bought out by General Resource.


  • A terrorist faction operating within the USEA is suppressed by the General Resource Defense Force (GRDF).
  • The Osean population reaches over 4.5 million


  • General Resource begins the "Power Project".
  • A General Resource LTD. DOE (Military Research Center) headed by Yoko Inoue attempts to test the theory of sublimation. The theory states that it is possible to produce a dead copy of a human being. However, an accident occurred during the team's research, and General Resource abandoned continuation of the research.


  • The ITTC INC expands it’s services to include video mail and video phone services. It also allows the exchange of images, voice and text information on the Electrosphere in real time.


The General Resource Conflict

In or around 2032, General Resource LTD launches the Air Strike Force to attack the UAD (United Air Defense) in order to steal all UAD resources for themselves. The UAD, in response, sent a mere single plane to destroy the attacking ASF and bring General Resource LTD to its knees. With the loss of the GR Yamato-class Supercarrier, the General Resource threat was neutralized. At the end of the conflict, GR LTD had attempted to use Nuclear Weaponry against the UAD, but these weapons were destroyed before they could even get the chance to be launched.

  • General Resource announces its release of "Data Swallow", a computer operating system. This system includes a browser which allows access to various information in the Electrosphere. This is made possible by an application in "Data Swallow" known as "Peek-A-Boom". It searches the Electrosphere by using a selected keyword and display the relevant data with a color image.
  • Neucom Inc. announces its entry in Space Development. From here on, Neucom Inc. attempts to enter a state of peace with General Resource LTD., despite rising tensions among the two companies.


  • The Neucom Visual System (NVS), a program broadcasting service on the "Electrosphere", becomes operational. The NVS becomes Neucom's main broadcasting system.
  • Neucom Inc. grows by leaps and bounds due to their employment of excellent and talented research staffs, despite their nationality and research origins. Examples of this being bankrupt government-operated agencies and corporate development/research teams made obsolete due to governmental downsizing. This is also thanks to their sucessive line of Radical Aircraft which have taken the world's military market by storm. Of their many aircraft, the R-100 Delphinus Series becomes their Prime Fighter Line.
  • A new project is begun by General Resource LTD. This project, only known as "Night Raven", is a joint effort of various fields.


  • Neucom Inc. establishes a global satellite network in order to network plans for its Space strategy.


  • Project Night Raven is a success. However, information about the completed project is still highly classified.


  • The "Power Project" is completed.
  • Neucom Inc. forms a Self Defense Force known as the 'Neucom Emergency Unit' (NEU). Though the unit was intended as a security guard, it quickly expanded into a full-scale army, due to multiple disagreements with in the second half of the 2030s between Neucom and GR.


  • Neucom Inc. announces their new product, the “Nano-byte”. This Nano-scaled technology can adapt to extreme conditions and self-replicate. This makes them great for construction and space development, as well as a new energy source replacing nuclear fission energy.
  • The UPEO is forced to intervene between Neucom Inc and General Resource LTD. Militarily, and announces the formation of the "Special Armed Response Forces" (SARF).


  • Neucom INC. completes construction of "Megafloat", a large, oceanic city located in the Gulf of St. Ark. It can be said that: "Neucom makes the impossible, possible".


  • The Phase Park Dispute. General Resource LTD sees an oppurtunity to gain economic dominance over Neucom Inc and attempts it. A large conflict erupts in the Phase Park Territory. After the 'Phase Park Dispute' hostilites between Neucom Inc and General Resource had begun to include military actions.


  • Neucom Inc and General Resource have multiple small break outs of conflict. In a few cases the NEU and the GRDF engage one another over City Air Space and cause damage and civilian casualties. Despite UPEO and NUN sanctions, conflict continues to break out. Neucom especially goes against UPEO sanctions and continues to fly their Transports over General Resource Territory.


  • Unknown date: scientist Simon Orestes Cohen runs a simulation of a hypotetical war between General Resource and Neucom with the objective of determining if a single pilot was capable of influencing the outcome of an entire war. An artificial intelligence known as Nemo is created and deposited in this simulation, in which it assumes the role of a rookie UPEO pilot.

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