Strangereal has been the setting of all Ace Combat games between Ace Combat 2 and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. Strangereal is an alternate version of our familiar Earth. It has different continents, countries, oceans, and nationalities, but also shares some similarities, e.g. similar history, lifeforms, and landforms named after or exactly identical to ones on Earth.


Strangereal is located in the same solar system as Earth, with the same moon and sun. Also, apparently constellations seen in the sky are visible here as well. One particular constellation is Orion, seen in Ace Combat 5 on the left hand side of the SOLG. Another constellation, Crux, plays a major part in Ace Combat X.(The radio operator is named after it.)


The Great Seas

Strangereal is home to several major oceans and large seas that separate the main continents.

Ceres Ocean

This ocean separates Osea from Yuktobania, and it is the smallest of all the oceans. This is where a majority of the Circum-Pacific War of Ace Combat 5 was fought, and where the Arkbird was shot down.

Pacific Ocean

This ocean separates Osea from the Southern Verusean Continent. Despite the fact that no known battles were fought here, the Circum-Pacific War was still named after this ocean. The name is probably derived from the fact that the two opposing sides of the war were on either side of it.

Cascade Ocean

Ocean that separates Osea from Anea. No major battles have been fought here, but it appears to be the second largest ocean.

Atlantic Ocean

The largest ocean, it touches Osea, Usea, and Verusea. Despite not being named in these games, battles in Ace Combat 2, Ace Combat 3, and Ace Combat 4, were either fought over this ocean, or over coast adjacent to it.

Arctic Ocean

This ocean covers the North Pole, and that is all that is really known about it.

Minor seas

Aurelian Sea

Sea between Aurelia and Leasath.

Sea of Anfang

Small Belkan sea. A major battle of the Belkan War was fought here in late 1995.

Spring Sea

Sea that separates Erusea from Nordland and the rest of east Osea.

Usean Sea

Sea that separates Usea from Verusea.

Bannion Sea

Sea located at the center of the Osean Federation. It is connected to the Ceres via Eaglin Straits.

Gulf of North Point

Gulf separating North Point from the rest of Usea.

Oured Bay

Bay located next to Oured peninsula. Straits connecting this bay to the Atlantic separate Osea from Sapin. The SOLG was destroyed over this bay in 2010.

Sea of Farbanti

Actually a small bay connected to the Atlantic Ocean and the Spring Sea.

Fuscum Sea

Sea that separates Anea from Yuktobania. During the Anean Continental War, the Estovakian airborne command cruiser Aigaion and its escorts were shot down over this sea by Emmerian Air Force pilots.

Razgriz Straits

Sea north of Anea. This is where Wardog Squadron sunk the Hrimfaxi in the Circum-Pacific War, giving rise to their nickname, "The Demons of Razgriz."



The continent of Antarctica covers the planet's South Pole. It is unique in that it is the only continent from the real earth that is identical in Ace Combat. There is an archipelago shaped like New Zealand off the coast, and the Antarctic Peninsula seems to have been altered.

Anean Continent


The first event featured in the Anean Continent was in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War where the battle between the Yuktobanian Hrimfaxi strategic submarine and the Osean Wardog Squadron in the Razgriz Straits took place, during the Circum-Pacific War. After successfully sinking the Hrimfaxi, the Wardog squadron started to be associated with the legendary demon that names the strait.

The Anean Continent Consists of a diversity of environments, from Arctic, to Desert, to even Deep Forest. The Anean Continent consists of the Republic of Emmeria, Kingdom of Nordennavic, and the Federal Republic of Estovakia. It is also the featured continent of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation; with the Emmeria and Estovakia pitted against each other in the Anean Continental War.


Nations located on the continent include:

Anea Continent: Flag: Capital:
Republic of Emmeria 44px Gracemeria
Kingdom of Nordennavic N/A N/A
Federal Republic of Estovakia AC6 Estovakian Flag Wallpaper 1024x768 N/A
File:Anea and Verusea Continent.png

Verusea Continent

Verusea is a continent located to the East of Usea. it is located across the Atlantic from the Osean Main continent. To the west of the continent, there is an area resembling Europe and North and Central Africa, where Sotoa is located.


The Verusean continent has much history surrounding it.

The Circum-Pacific War

15 Years after the Belkan War, Belka was both physically and economically crippled. Its expensive military was wiped out and it no longer had any viable natural resources. Belka had no working government and was instead run by many corporations, like much of the rest of the world would soon become, including many Belkan corporations and the North Osean weapons manufacturer Gründer Industries.

Through Gründer, which they had taken over twenty years previous, the Grey Men, an underground organization established after the Belkan war, sent weapons to Osea and Yuktobania, who were also sending Belkan air squadrons to strengthen their air forces. Belka also produced the V2 weapon, a MIRV warhead fired from the SOLG.

The Grey Men then set about conducting a silent coup in both Yuktobania and Osea. They provoked militaristic generals to take power in Yuktobania and to declare war in Osea. Soon after this, the Belkan fighter squadron in Osea (Grabacr, known to Osea as the 8492nd TFS) abducted President Harling on his way to the peace conference in the Usea nation of North Point. Vice President Appelrouth and several military officers, who had resigned years ago to protest Harling's budget cuts, took power in Oured. Belkan aggressors now began provoking Yuktobania and Osea on to war.

As both countries' strength faded, Grey Men loyalists took control of the Arkbird, a joint Osean-Yuktobanian orbital spacecraft, and armed it with two lasers, UCAVs, and several air to air missile turrets. Their plan was to escalate the war into a final stage by triggering a nuclear strike on the Yuktobanian city of Ochabursk. However, their plan was foiled by a squadron of fighters called the "Razgriz" (Formerly the Osean Wardog Squadron, 108th TFS, 5th Fighter Wing). These fighters destroyed the Arkbird along with the nuclear weapon onboard, and eventually exposed Belka's plot, helping reinstate President Harling of Osea, with help from Osean and Yuktobanian defectors. This squadron of fighters, along with loyalists of Osean President Harling and Yuktobanian Prime Minister Nikanor, attacked the Belkan command post in Sudentor, which was secretly orchestrating the war and preparing the SOLG for a nuclear attack on both nations. They were also constructing a large tunnel to reunite Belka with the land it lost in the Belkan War. With the command center destroyed, the Grey Men ordered one final desperate attack: to drop the SOLG itself on Oured, the Osean capital. The Razgriz killed Ofnir and Grabacr, who were covering the satellite drop, and destroyed the SOLG in mid-air.


Nations located on the continent include:
Verusea continent: Flag: Capital:
Yuktobania N/A Cinigrad
Verusa N/A N/A
Sotoa N/A N/A
Romny N/A N/A
Clavis N/A N/A
Valga N/A N/A
Kaluga N/A N/A

There are also other nations that have yet to be named.

Osean Continent

The Osean continent is the central continent of the Ace Combat world.
File:Osean Continent.png


The Osean Continent has had many conflicts throughout its history.

The Belkan War

One such example is the Belkan War. After the 1989 Federal Law Review unexpectedly crippled the Belkan economy, an extreme Right-Wing Party seized power, transforming Belka into a fascist federation. Belka then began a program of intense investment in its military, building the XB-0 Hresvelgr, Excalibur super-weapons and V2, a form of Nuclear Weapons. In 1995, Belka launched an invasion of its neighbors. Ustio was hardest hit, as Belka occupied nearly the whole of the small nation. Osea, one of the two world Superpowers, and Sapin also lost territory.

Belka was soon pushed onto the defensive. Yuktobania had also joined the war on the Osean, Ustian and Sapinese side. Soon Belka had been pushed back to its Southern mountain range. In an attempt to stop the war on this front, and the protect the sacred 'Nord Belka', Belka dropped 7 nuclear weapons on their own territory, killing 12,000 Belkan citizens in doing so. The war was, however, soon over for the Belkans. Just two weeks after the blasts, Belka lost the war. Some units that refused to cease fighting joined an organization known as 'A World With No Boundaries', which comprised some former Belkan pilots as well as some pilots of the Allied air forces. An Ustio mercenary squadron aided the destruction of this organization by destroying the V2 missile launch site. When that failed, Larry Foulke, call sign "Pixy", formerly Galm 2 shot down the current Galm 2, Patrick James"PJ"Beckett, while simultaneously launching the V2 from the cockpit of his ADFX-01/02 Morgan. Cipher battled with his old wingman, shooting him down and prematurely detonating the V2. Meanwhile, Belkan nationalists went underground and were known as 'The Grey Men'.

The Leasath-Aurelian War

In 2020, Leasath, under the command of Diego Gaspar Navarro, launched an invasion of Aurelia, after spreading rumors about Aurelian involvement in the Leasath Civil War one year previous, despite Aurelia being Leasath's largest aid donor. Aurelia was unprepared for invasion, and nearly the entire nation was taken. The last hope rested on a border patrol squadron known as Gryphus Squadron. Key to this squadron was the ace known only as Gryphus 1 or "The Southern Cross".

The remnants of the shattered Aurelian military began to counter-attack Leasathian forces, eventually driving them out of Aurelia. It was soon discovered that Diego Navarro Gaspar had a different motive for invading Aurelia. He stood to make millions in arms deals bought for the war.

After Gryphus squadron destroyed all of Leasath's Fenrir aircraft, and gained air supremacy over Aurelia, Diego Navarro's regime was toppled.


Nations located on the continent include:

Osean Continent: Flag: Capital:
Osea Osean Flag Oured
Belka 44px Dinsmark
Ustio UstioFlag 1024x768 Directus
Aurelia 44px Griswall
Leasath 44px Alendal
Recta N/A Cor
Ratio N/A Centrum
Nordland N/A N/A
Fato N/A Brunies
Gebet N/A Mons
Sapin 44px Gran Rugido
Wielvakia N/A N/A
Wellow N/A N/A

There are also other nations that have yet to be named.

Notable Places and Landmarks

Usea Continent

File:Usea map copy.jpg
Usea is a fictional continent from the Ace Combat series of video games.
File:Usea Continent.png


Usea is located in the Northern Hemisphere, east of the Osean continent. It is bordered to the north by the Cascade Ocean, to the west by the Spring Sea, to the south by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the east by the Gulf of Saint Ark and the Usean Sea. It is about the size of the continental United States, 5,000,000 km².

File:Usea topographic copy.png

Physical Geography

Usea's Northeastern coastline is rocky, including the island-nation of North Point.[1] Further south, the climate becomes temperate near Comberth Harbor[2] and tropical in the Comonan island chain and Istas Fortress. The coastline on the west is also temperate, but has a desert climate inland, between the Amber and Lambert mountain ranges. The northern coast of the continent has an Arctic climate.[3][4]

Human Geography

Usea has a wide variety of races. Erusea, on the western coast of the continent, appears influenced by France, Germany and Russia (it also resembles Italy in its fascist period). The name of San Salvacion, and several locations within it suggest that it is a Spanish-influenced area, although the country's political neutrality also suggests a Swiss influence. Junks in the southern area of the continent indicate an Asian area.[5] Usea is divided into three time zones, Usea Eastern Standard Time, Usea Central Standard Time, and Usea Western Standard Time.[6] Usea was heavily damaged by the impact of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid in 1998, killing 500,000 people.[7] The migration of refugees from affected areas and damage to Usea's economy also resulted in turmoil throughout the continent.

Notable places

  • Altoora Desert- located in the arid area of northern Usea, east of Sandbury Desert. This area was home to the Usean Rebel military factions Particle Research lab "Pancake" in Ace Combat 2.
  • Anchorhead Bay- Large port city in southern Usea that acted as a re-supply base for rebels in 1997. However, Scarface Squadron riddled the city of the rebel presence there.
  • Anchor Point City - Located on a river between the Amber and Lambert mountain ranges, Anchor Point City was once a large port. After a fragment of Ulysses XF04 impacted nearby, the river dried up, and the city has been abandoned.[8]
  • Axel Bay- Industrial city made up primarily of industrial districts and complete with a naval port and canal. It saw combat during the rebellion in Ace Combat 2 and was brought under the threat of chemical attack by terrorists in Ace Combat 3.
  • Caranda, Crowne, and Halle Beaches - Rocky beaches on the southern shore. Site of ISAF's southern landing operation.[9]
  • Comberth Harbor - Large port city on Usea's east coast. It was the site where the Aegir Fleet was destroyed on November 23, 2004.[10]
  • Comona Islands - Tropical island chain off the southeastern coast. Site of a rocket launch facility and small ISAF air base.[11] Purchased by Neucom, Inc. sometime after 2005.[12]
  • Faith Park - this area, which is filled with canyons, was home to a missile base, which was destroyed in Ace Combat 2, and a solar power plant, which was destroyed by Mobius One in Ace Combat 4. It is notable that the power plant was built in a crater, and the mission at Faith Park marked the first time stonehenge is used in Ace Combat 4
  • Farbanti - City on the west coast, and the capital of Erusea. Although it was devastated by the planetfall of Ulysses XF04, the city eventually recovered from the disaster. It was the site of Operation: Autumn Thunder on September 19, 2005 when ISAF put Farbanti under siege.[13]
  • Los Canas - City in the center of the continent with mountainous terrain.[14]
  • Ice Creek - Cove on the northern coast of the continent. Site of ISAF's northern landings in the Continental War during Operation: Aurora.[15]
  • Istas Fortress - Plateaus on the continent's southern peninsula. The rock formations and rainforest make this a very effective natural fortress. Also the location of Scion fixed-wing Air Base, a fixed-wing VTOL/rotary wing base and submarine pens.[16]
  • Mariton Territory - An undeveloped area claimed by both Neucom, Inc. and General Resources.
  • Lambert Mountains - a mountain range that is located across from the Amber Montains, separated from them by, the Whiskey Corridor. This range is also located west of the Waiapolo Mountains. It was over these mountains that Gabriel W. Clarkson attempted to defect to Neucom in Ace Combat 3.
  • Megafloat - A large, artificial island built by Neucom, Inc in the Gulf of St. Ark. Construction began in 2005,[17] and was completed in 2039. The bottom of the structure was hollowed out, and was used the X-49 Night Raven's base during testing. The island was destroyed when a UPEO fighter and the X-49 engaged in combat in the underground area in 2045.
  • North Point - Nation located on the northeastern island of the same name. It served as the headquarters for ISAF during the Continental War, and was never taken over by Erusea. During the Circum-Pacific War, it was a neutral nation, and the location of peace talks.[18] During Ace Combat 2, the island was the site of the Megalith-like superweapon Fortress Intolerance.
  • Rocky Islands - A chain of islands located east of Comberth Harbor and north of the Comona Islands and close to Fort Gray Islands and Faith Park. A huge geothermal power plant was located between two islands within this archiepeligo. This plant was destroyed in Ace Combat 2.
  • Saint Ark - Northeastern city. Attacked by terrorists in Ace Combat 2. During the Continental War, it was the last city on the mainland evacuated by ISAF forces before withdrawing to North Point.
  • San Salvacion - Neutral nation located in the center of the continent. It was invaded by Erusea during the Continental War because Stonehenge was located in the country. The nation's strategic location at the center of the continent has made it the site of many wars throughout history.[19]
  • Scali - Southern island, headquarters of an anti-FCU insurgency.[20]
  • Scofield Plateau - a large field looking area located northeast of Istas Fortress, in Ace Combat 2, it was the site of an arms production base for the Usean rebels, and, in Ace Combat 3, it was the site of a microwave powerplant ran by Neucom
  • Snyder's Top - An area in northern Usea, and the location of the Neo-United Nations headquarters.
  • Twinkle Islands - An island chain with rocky terrain off Erusea's southwestern coast. This was also the location of Megalith.[21]
  • Waosun - Home port of the CV-04 Fort Grace.[22]
  • Waiapolo Mountains - Usea's central mountain range, located to the north of Los Canas. In Ace Combat 2, it was home to a hydroelectric plant, and in Ace Combat 3, it was home to 3 separate missions (in the Japanese version).
  • Rigley Air Force Base - Former ISAF facility before Erusea attacked. Rigley was occupied by Erusian Forces. 2 different bomber attacks were launched from this base. Mobius 1, prevented both of these attacks before they reached North Point, the GHQ of ISAF before the southern landing operations.

Countries and Territories

Usea continent: Flag: Capital:
Erusea 22px Farbanti
FCU Unknown
Ugellas Unknown
North Point territory of Usea
Amber Unknown
San Salvacion 22px San Salvacion
Delarus Unknown

Multinational Organizations

  • Independent States Allied Forces - Multinational coalition formed to fight Erusea in 2004.
  • International Union of Astronomists - In 1994, the IUA discovered the Ulysses XF04 asteroid, and assisted the continent in preparing for the impact.
  • International United Nations - Multinational coalition including the FCU, Republic of Amber, and Independent State of Ugellas, that went to war with Erusea in 1996.
  • Usea Treaty Organization -


  • In Ace Combat Zero, when you shoot down an enemy plane with the cannon, you can sometimes hear "Damn! My plane's been Swiss-cheesed!" despite the fact that there is no country or region called or related to Switzerland in Strangereal.
  • Also, in Ace Combat 5, when the player has to escort the transport plane Mother Goose One, Chopper may comment on how the plane is "Dutch-rolling".
  • In one of the final cutscenes of Ace Combat X, Christmas is seen to be celebrated, indicates the existence of Christianism in Strangereal.
  • Strangereal seems to be composed of "Strange" and "Real".


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