"Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty" (START) refers to multiple Strangereal treaties aimed at minimizing the number and capabilities of strategic arms and nuclear weapons.[note 1]


The history of the first START treaty is completely unknown.

START2 was created sometime prior to 2008. As per the treaty's terms, worldwide efforts began to eliminate surplus weapons-grade plutonium stockpiles.[2]

START-3 was adopted in 2011 by Osea and Yuktobania as part of restoring relations between the two countries following the Circum-Pacific War. START-3 aimed at directly reducing the number of nuclear and strategic weapons each country possessed by disposing of them.[3]

Yuktobania's construction of the Alicorn was reported in news media as a potential violation of START2, since the Alicorn could carry SLBMs equipped with nuclear warheads.[4] The Alicorn was sent to be scrapped in 2012 under the terms of START-3.[3] It ended up in the Erusean Royal Navy and was sunk during the Lighthouse War.[5]



  1. Strategic nuclear weapons are nuclear weapons that can be used against distant targets. One example is an ICBM carrying a nuclear warhead.[1] Therefore, strategic arms are inferred to generally mean any weapon with very destructive force over a long distance.