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"The SOLG. A military attack satellite that your country began building during the war 15 years ago, then abandoned in the peace that followed."
Nastasya Vasilievna Obertas to Albert Genette
Weapon of War
The Strategic Orbital Linear Gun (戦略的な軌道リニアガン Senryaku-tekina Kidō Riniagan) (acronym SOLG) Was an orbital weapons platform and a superweapon developed by the Osean Federation in the midst of the Belkan War in 1995.




SOLG in the book Aces At War: A History

The development of the SOLG began sometime in the course of the Belkan War, possibly motivated by the discovery of the missile interception weapon "Excalibur".

The construction of the satellite continued until the Belkan Federation's surrender in June of 1995, after which development was canceled, and the SOLG abandoned in the Earth's atmosphere. In the aftermath of the war, the Arkbird spaceplane, created during the Cold War, was used partly to "resurrect" the weapon.[1]


In the early 21st century, the SOLG was taken over by the Belkan "Grey Men", who planned to use the weapon in their plot to claim revenge for Belka's defeat in the last war. They picked off where the construction of the satellite was left behind, using the Basset Space Center's mass driver to send supplies to orbit.

The existence of the weapon was revealed when Nastasya Obertas, a major in the Yuktobanian military, brought a disc containing the blueprints of the SOLG and the Grey Men's ultimate weapon, the V-2 Mass Retaliation Weapon, with herself to the OFS Kestrel carrier after her escape from an internment camp with Jack Bartlett.


The data of the disc was analyzed and decoder by the Kestrel's crew, and shown to the Razgriz Air Command Squadron in a mission briefing in December 30, 2010, at which point a hostile submarine opened fire on the ship, eventually sinking her. Having learned about the Linear Gun, the Razgriz took off and fled from the Kestrel before it sank towards the North Osean city of Sudentor, arriving at night to their destination.

The Razgriz Squadron arrived to Sudentor at 2221 hours, in the midst of a raging storm. Shortly before their arrrival, an emergency conference between President Vincent Harling and Prime Minister Seryozha Nikanor took place in Oured, in which the truth behind the war was revealed by both heads of state.

The announcement led to the immediate end of the war and the forming of an international alliance between both countries, whose forces gathered at Sudentor to fight the Belkan Army forces stationed there. With the cooperation of both forces and their former leader Jack Bartlett, the Razgriz flew inside a tunnel built by Gründer Industries in the Osea-Belka border and destroyed two control cores of the Strategic Linear Gun, severing its link from the ground.


Hours after the destruction of the tunnel network, the Osean military discovered that the SOLG began a descent towards the atmosphere, believing it to have been preprogrammed to engage in reentry, and estimated its impact point to be the Osean capital city Oured.

In the early morning hours of December 31, the Razgriz Squadron took off from an improvised runway in Oured, and flew towards the descent point (20,000) feet to intercept the large satellite. Despite resistance from the combined Belkan Squadrons, Ofnir and Grabacr, Razgriz overcame them both and reached the SOLG. Working together, the Razgriz Squadron successfully damaged it enough for it to explode harmlessly over the city of Oured, making the squadron's final mission a success.


  • The SOLG is one of the strongest superweapons of the series. This is because the SOLG can destroy half of all the major cities in either Osea or Yuktobania (when carrying the V2). The SOLG can also fire a laser from outer space.
  • The SOLG is equipped with the V2 MIRV missile, the same one used during the Belkan War 15 years ago, but stronger.


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