Strike! is the sixteenth mission of Air Combat.


The enemy is on his last legs. One more strike should lay him out. Take your unit through the ravine to the enemy headquarters. Intel is sketchy on force composition near the headquarters, so keep on your toes. Fly low on your way in. Everything above the ravine is a SAM kill zone. Good luck.


The mission adopts a similar approach to "Suppress Radar Base", in that the player is forced to fly through a ravine to avoid SAM attacks. Contrary to what the briefing suggests, there is no command installation at the end of the level to destroy as with the aforementioned missions, and only requires one to arrive at the end of the canyon alive.

The route through the ravine is simple to navigate, taking the player through tight curves and natural "tunnels" where lone RAH-66 helicopters await, yet these do not pose a significant threat and can be ignored. The ravine ends in an ocean, and the game assumes control of your aircraft before the kill tally screen.