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"What's with this guy? That's an Su-30."
AWACS Bandog[1]

The Su-30SM is an upgraded version of the Su-30M2 Flanker-F2, itself a two-seater multirole combat variant of the Su-27 Flanker-B. It was first introduced to the series in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.


In 2019, Mihaly A. Shilage, a former ace pilot, flew a customized Su-30SM with an EASA artificial intelligence known as Copro acting as his co-pilot. During the Lighthouse War, Mihaly flew the Su-30SM during multiple operations, often leading Sol Squadron into battle.[1][2] Trigger first encountered this aircraft during Operation Dual Wielder, in which Mihaly suddenly arrived and engaged Golem, Gargoyle and Mage Squadron, in which he shot down Gargoyle 1 and Brownie in the midst of the battle against Arsenal Bird Liberty and its fleet of MQ-101s. The aircraft withdrew before a counterattack could be attempted.[3]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

"A multirole fighter based on the Su-30, developed internally but available for export. Featuring canards and thrust vectoring nozzles for increased agility, the craft was further enhanced with the latest avionics."

How to Unlock

The Su-30SM is available on the Aircraft Tree and it costs 850,000 MRP. It requires purchasing the Su-30M2 Flanker-F2.




Part Slots

BODY: 32
ARMS: 32
MISC: 32

Named Pilots


  1. Osea: Four tone White, Grey, Ice Blue and Blue camouflage
  2. Erusea: White/light grey/dark grey camouflage based on a Malaysian prototype for the Su-30MKM.
  3. Special: Mihaly's aircraft livery; dark grey with orange and white wingtips. (Unlock: Shoot down Mihaly in 5 minutes in the mission "Lost Kingdom" without using special weapons.)
  4. Mage: Osea skin with Mage Squadron markings.
  5. Spare: Osea skin with Spare Squadron markings.
  6. Strider: Osea skin with Strider Squadron markings.
  7. Mihaly: Special skin with Sol 1 markings (DLC: Purchase via the ADFX-01 Morgan Set)




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