"What's with this guy? That's an Su-30."
AWACS Bandog[1]

The Su-30SM is an upgraded version of the Su-30M2 Flanker-F2, itself a two-seater multirole combat variant of the Su-27 Flanker-B. It was first introduced to the series in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.


In 2019, Mihaly A. Shilage, a former ace pilot, flew a customized Su-30SM with an EASA artificial intelligence known as Copro acting as his co-pilot. During the Lighthouse War, Mihaly flew the Su-30SM during multiple operations, often leading Sol Squadron into battle.[1][2] Trigger first encountered this aircraft during Operation Dual Wielder, in which Mihaly suddenly arrived and engaged Golem, Gargoyle and Mage Squadron, in which he shot down Gargoyle 1 and Brownie in the midst of the battle against Arsenal Bird Liberty and its fleet of MQ-101s. The aircraft withdrew before a counterattack could be attempted.[3]

Later, the same Su-30SM would, alongside the rest of Sol Squadron, would attack Osean forces in Yinshi Valley, during the Osean operation Operation Two Pairs. Mihaly eliminated Champ of Spare Squadron, before engaging Trigger. After a prolonged dogfight, Sol Squadron would retreat due to encroaching storm clouds.[1]

The last hostile appearance of the Su-30SM in the war was during Operation Giant's Step. Sol Squadron would arrive in the Erusean capital city of Farbanti after the majority of the fighting was over in a last stand effort to defend the city. Strider and Cyclops engaged the experimental squadron, managing to shoot down the majority of planes except Mihaly. Mihaly, pursuing Wiseman acting as bait, would manage to shoot and kill the Cyclops lead. Before he could be shot down by Trigger, the Erusean counter-attack on the Osean satellites caused several head-up display errors, allowing Mihaly to flee.[2]

Game Analysis[]

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown[]

"A multirole fighter based on the Su-30, developed internally but available for export. Featuring canards and thrust vectoring nozzles for increased agility, the craft was further enhanced with the latest avionics."

How to Unlock

The Su-30SM is available on the Aircraft Tree and it costs 850,000 MRP. It requires purchasing the Su-30M2 Flanker-F2.




Part Slots

BODY: 32
ARMS: 32
MISC: 32

Named Pilots


  1. Osea: Russian Air Force four-tone White, Grey, Ice Blue and Blue camouflage.
  2. Erusea: White/light grey/dark grey camouflage based on Su-30MKI and Su-30MKM prototypes. (Unlock: Complete the Campaign on any difficulty without taking damage.)
  3. Special: The Sol 1 base livery; dark grey with orange and white wingtips. (Unlock: Earn the "Getting The Job Done" medal: Shoot down Mihaly in 5 minutes or less without using special weapons in Campaign Mission 18, "Lost Kingdom".)
  4. Mage: Osea skin with Mage Squadron markings.
  5. Spare: Osea skin with Spare Squadron markings.
  6. Strider: Osea skin with Strider Squadron markings.
  7. Mihaly: Special skin with Sol 1 livery and markings (DLC: Purchase via the ADFX-01 Morgan Set)