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The Su-43 Berkut is a modified Su-47 Berkut, and is the most advanced fighter in the arsenal of the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization, which saw action during the Intercorporate War.


The Su-43 has been outfitted with new avionics (which include ailerons to provide roll control along with canards/elevators providing pitch assistance and a redesigned aft cockpit area, presumably for extra fuel/electronics), the COFFIN system, and new engines that allow it to fly at speeds surpassing Mach 3, nearing Mach 4 in level flight. It also possesses the best mobility out of all standard aircraft, giving it its own edge in a dogfight. However, it is slower and less stable than the latest fighters from Neucom and General Resource, requiring a more skilled hand to make the most of it.


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The Su-43 was fielded very late in the Intercorporate War, in response to the massive breakout of armed conflicts as a result of the false-flag operation devised by UPEO commander Gilbert Park. As a result, this advanced aircraft was deployed over Port Edwards to quell the massive firefight between Neucom and General Resource, leading to the battling parties to be quelled and forced to retreat.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

"An aircraft built to surpass the aerial fighting performance of the Su-37, which is known to be a balanced and easy plane to operate. Among actually deployed fighter aircraft, the Su-43 Berkut is the first to adopt forward swept wings. Thanks to its forward swept wing and three winged surface design, it maintains its aerodynamic performance at high angles of attack, and is capable of high mobility in dogfights."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Namco Official Guide Book

How to Unlock


Power: 70
Attack: 90
Defense: 80
Stability: 50
Mobility: 100


  • Wingspan: 16.70 m
  • Length: 22.60 m
  • Height: 6.40 m
  • Weight: 34,900 kg
  • Max speed
    • Japanese Release: 3,304 km/h
    • International Release: 4,153 km/h
  • Damage Tolerance/Armor: Normal
  • Class: Advanced Fighter




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