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Abyssal Dision, the only person who historically underwent sublimation

"In our imaginary world - of [sci-fi] novels, movies, computer games and the like - we gave our machines, our computers, personalities . . . that idea was fundamentally wrong. God is the only one to whom the power of creating life from nothing is allowed . . . but if we humans were to become the machines or computers, then there's quite a possibility, don't you agree?"
― Simon Orestes Cohen[1]

Sublimation (サブリメーション Saburimēshon)[2] is a technological concept appearing solely in the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere, which involves the copying of a human being's consciousness into computer software, and uploading into the cyberspace known as the Electrosphere.

The sublimated version of one's consciousness is sometimes referred to as a dead-copy (デッド・コピー Deddo kopī).[2]


The concept of sublimation was first conceived by Yoko Martha Inoue, a General Resource Limited researcher, in 2029.[3] She researched the concept for a year, culminating in Yoko performing a sublimation test on her lover, Abyssal Dision, in June 2030.[4]

However, General Resource upper management deemed the concept and Yoko's research to be too dangerous and chose to kill her to prevent sublimation from happening. The same night she performed the experiment on Dision, General Resource operatives detonated a bomb that destroyed her lab, killing both Yoko and the human version of Dision. The dead-copy of Dision was successfully created prior to the explosion, and witnessed the event through security cameras.[4]

Simon Orestes Cohen, a General Resource scientist, had some kind of relationship with, or feelings for, Yoko. He blamed Dision for stealing her from him and transferred to Neucom Incorporated a year after her death. He vowed to take revenge by deleting Dision's dead-copy, which had taken the place of the human Dision at General Resource. Simon created the Nemo simulation to test whether a manufactured conflict between Neucom and General Resource would always result in the death of Dision's dead-copy. The simulation proved this to be true, and a pleased Simon released Nemo into the real world.[5]

Under one of the outcomes of the simulation, Cynthia Bridgitte Fitzgerald, a Neucom ace, decides to undergo sublimation herself due to Nemo's actions.[6]


  • Sublimation is referred to as mind uploading in real-life. The process has undergone basic research but is not currently possible.
  • The word "sublimation" comes from the phase transition when a solid becomes a gas without becoming a liquid first.[2]


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