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Hrimfaxi launching burst missile

The Hrimfaxi launching a burst missile while surfaced

Submarines are naval warships which can fully operate while completely submerged underwater. They have a distinctive cylindrical body, and are typically propelled with a propeller or pump jet at the rear of the ship.

A diverse selection of submarines have appeared in Ace Combat games, including fictional ones such as those of the Scinfaxi class. Submarines in the series have also carried a variety of weapons, from burst missiles to AA guns to even acting as underwater aircraft carriers.



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Submarines have been in use for decades in the Strangereal universe; it is not known how far back their deployment goes.

Dragonet and Scinfaxi classes

The first existing record of submarine development exists sometime prior to the 1980s, when an Federation of Central Usea developed the Dragonet-class of submarines. During the Osea/Yuktobania Cold War, the Yuktobanian Navy developed the Scinfaxi-class of submarines, which received criticism, particularly from the Osean Foreign Minister at the time, about its similarity to the Dragonet-class.[1]

By the 1990s, two Dragonet-class submarines were fully constructed and operational: the Fensalir and the Folkvangr.[2][3] Both were also developed with the capability to carry submarine-launched ballistic missiles. When the Usean coup d'état broke out in the late 1990s, both submarines were captured and used by the Usean Rebel Forces to attack the Usean Allied Forces - notably, the Folkvangr attempted to fire an SLBM at Saint Ark to destroy it.[3][4] However, both submarines (and the SLBM) were destroyed by Phoenix.[2][3][4][5]

Circum-Pacific War

Yuktobania deployed two Scinfaxi-class submarines during the Circum-Pacific War. Early in the war, the Scinfaxi sunk the Osean carriers OFS Buzzard and OFS Vulture with burst missiles.[6]

The Arkbird was fitted with a laser to counter the Scinfaxi-class's burst missiles. It was used to some success during Operation Vanguard, which resulted in the Scinfaxi's sinking by the Arkbird and Wardog Squadron off Sand Island.[7]

Scinfaxi's sister ship Hrimfaxi bombarded Osean forces on Yuktobanian territory later during the war. It was attacked by Wardog Squadron during a resupply operation in the Razgriz Straits and sunk.[8]

Lighthouse War

The Kingdom of Erusea procured the unfinished submersible aviation cruiser Alicorn from Yuktobania in 2012, and completed it.[9][10] It ran aground underwater on its sea trial in 2016 and was only recovered after two years.[9]

In 2019 during the Lighthouse War, Osea attempted to seize the Alicorn in port at Artiglio. Disobeying orders to scuttle his vessel, Captain Matias Torres of the Alicorn went rogue and took the submarine out to sea, in a plot to conduct a nuclear attack on the Osean capital of Oured. Osea's Operation Fisherman sunk the Alicorn in the Spring Sea and thwarted this plan.[11][12]

Aurelian War

In the Aurelian War, submarines were fielded by the navies of both Aurelia and Leasath.[13]

Midway through the war, the Aurelian Navy's Naiad was deployed to rescue an Aurelian scientist held captive in Terminus Island. The submarine was protected by a diversionary fleet and Gryphus Squadron. Once the scientist was rescued however, the Naiad struck a mine which forced it to surface. The controls were destroyed in the process which put the submarine on a collision course with an iceberg. Gryphus Squadron quickly destroyed the iceberg and incoming bombers headed towards the submarine.[14]

There were two known submarines in the Leasath Naval Forces, these were Proteus and Triton.[15] However, not much is known about their deployment history.

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