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The Extra Powerful Cruise Missile was a type of cruise missile operated during the Usean Rebellion of 1998.

Extra Powerful Cruise Missile approaching St. Ark city.


The "Extra Powerful Cruise Missile" was originally developed as a weapon to wipe out large enemy facilities in one swift blow by overwhelming its target's defenses with six simultaneously launched "smart" mini missiles. The weapon gained its infamous notoriety during the north point coup of 1999 when the missiles became catalysts to the war after all of them were seized by the rebelling Usean forces. The rebels decided to arm there two giant Dragonet class subs (Ancestors of the Yuktobanian Scinfaxi class) with the cruise missiles and use them to rain death on the governmental forces.

The rebels plans concerning the "Extra Powerful Cruise Missiles" were halted when Scarface squadron managed to sink Dragonet 1 during a daring raid at their main sub base. The raid was timed perfectly with Dragonet 1's exit the cliff base located on the south-eastern coast of the Usean continent. The subsequent loss of half of their "Extra Powerful Cruise Missile" forced the rebel command to cancel their counterattack and the last remaining Dragonet sub retreated towards the rebel capital city of St. Ark.

By the time Dragonet 2 arrived at St. Ark, the city was already under siege by governmental forces. As Scarface lead the final attack on St. Ark, Dragonet 2 dived underwater and left St. Ark. It then proceeded south to enter optimum missile firing range for a Cruise missile strike against the governmental capital city at North Point.

As the Dragonet 2 was approaching North Point it was detected and engaged by Governmental P-3 Orion anti-sub planes. In a surprise move Dragonet 2 surfaced and used its powerful anti-air battery against the P-3 Orions. All Orions were shot down. But not before one of them had damaged Dragonet 2's Ballast tanks.Dragonet 2 then proceeded at max speed towards North Point on the surface, determined to launch its "Extra Powerful Cruise Missiles" at North Point. It was at that moment that Scarface squadron appeared on the scene and engaged Dragonet 2. In a fierce battle Scarface sunk Dragonet 2. The last Act of the sinking Dragonet was to launch one "Extra Powerful Cruise Missile" while it was going under. Scarface 1 pursued the cruise-missile and in a desperate chase managed to destroy it while it was in flight with his guns 20 miles from North Point.

It was the next day that Governmental forces discovered that the rebels had built a giant fortress were they were planning to launch there last remaining "Extra Powerful Cruise Missile". During the Air-battle, Scarface Engaged the enemy Aces over the fortress. Scarface 1 managed to shoot down the ADF-01 Super fighter which was piloted by the commanding enemy Z.O.E. Ace. The death of the rebel's top ace was the turning point in the air battle.

Scarface 1 then proceeded to destroy all power plants and generators on the surface of the fortress. The subsequent loss of electric power caused the automatic opening of the emergency air ducts. Scarface 1 then flew through the central main duct and blew up the last remaining "Extra Powerful Cruise Missile" thus ending the last chapter of the Usean Continental War and also that of the "Extra Powerful Cruise Missiles".


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