Sudentor is an Osean (formerly South Belkan) city mentioned in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, and then seen in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. Sudentor (German for southern gate) is located in the border within the two regions of North Belka and South Belka at the foothills of the Waldreich Mountains. Located over the Schwester River, is and it was an important industrial city, home to the South Belka Munitions Plant that after the Belkan War was later renamed North Osea Gründer Industries. Gründer maintains a large production and storage complex north of downtown Sudentor, just across the Schwester River.

The city of Sudentor is the site of the Battle of Sudentor. During the game can be noted that the atmosphere of the city is very gloomy, with a polluted and smoggy air.


The city is located in and over the Schwester River in the foothills of the Waldreich Mountains near just the Ground Zero of two nuclear bombs of the seven detonated during the Belkan War in 1995. Thanks to that, the city outskirts, the water bodies and probably the air is contaminated and polluted in part for the industries located there and the detonations.

In the north of the city, is located the aforementioned Waldreich Mountains and also two giant craters filled of water (probably, if not sure, contaminated) and after passing several miles (reaching Belka) it can be observed a cold, barren and inhabited wasteland covered with snow. This phenomenon is due to the nuclear winter from the nuclear explosions, and probably that terrain was ocuppy by several persons that was taking advantage of the the vast fertile plains for planting and pastoring.


Before the Belkan War

Nothing is knowed about this city before the war and his foundation date remains unknown.

The Belkan War

During the aforementioned war, the city of Sudentor was in Belkan rule being probably one of the headquarters of the South Belkan Munitions Factory or more knowed by the name Grunder Industries that produced giant quantities of armament for the Belkan Military. It was also the sight of one of the war's last battles when during June 6, 1995, the Allied Forces moved in on Sudentor that was one of the few cities in South Belka that had not disarmed yet. Belkan Forces retreated here, although few in number, were well outfitted, due to the armament and munitions production plants based in Sudentor. It was requested help from the Ustian Air Force and then the 66th AFU Galm, alongside with the 4th AFU Crow where put on course to the designated rendezvous point, when Belka executed a plan to use nuclear weapons (it was believed that the objetive was Ustio). Halfway there, a Bomber Squadron of BM-335 Lindwurm took off carrying the nuke.

The Ustio units tried to destroy the Bomber Squadron but sometime in the ensuing dogfight a flash of white strikes occurred, when then a loud explosion occurred. They plan was to set off 7 (or probably more) nuclear attacks on the Waldreich Mountain Range to stop the allied forces advance but luckily Sudentor didn't get the effect, due to the strategic place covered with mountains.

After the treaty of Lumen, Sudentor was given to the Osean Federation and became a part of the former state of Northern Osea.

The Circum-Pacific War

Following the Belkan War, Sudentor, along with the rest of South Belka, became part of Osea. The city wouldn't see conflict again until the Circum-Pacific War in 2010. It was revealed that the president of Gründer Industries was working for a secret organization called the Grey Men that was trying to plot against the Union of Yuktobanian Republics and the aforementioned Osean Federation, pitting out the two super-powers against each other being able to improve and restore their military strength building also, a giant tunnel under the mountains, allowing Belkan forces and technology to be brought into Osea.

The Razgriz Air Command Squadron (Wardog Squadron) and several others of the now-allied Osean and Yuktobanian forces coalition, launched an attack on Sudentor on the stormy night of December 30 of that same year they faced the Belkan/Gründer forces and the Osean and Yuktobanian forces working for the remaining warmongers, who were promised a remaining V1 tactical nuke that was installed in the SOLG.

Osean ground forces managed to open up the tunnel under the Waldreich Mountains, and the Razgriz were tasked with flying into the tunnel through the southern end to destroy a control node for the aforementioned SOLG, while the ex-member from the Wardog Squadron, the Captain Jack Bartlett (Heartbreak One) destroyed the control node on his end of the tunnel. Despite resistance from Belkan sympathizer and conspirator Allen C. Hamilton and several Belkan fighters which flew into the tunnel, the Razgriz succeeded in destroying the control nodes, exiting the tunnel at its northern end, which led to the snow-covered, nuclear wasteland in North Belka.

Following the Circum-Pacific War, probably Gründer Industries undergoing a radical change was renamed General Resource LTD. It is believed that Sudentor remained as one of the main company's headquarters, along with many other places in the Usean Continent and others.

After the Circum-Pacific War.

After the war, the peace returned to the city with any subsequent events remaining unknown.



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