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Suerte Squadron was a two-man fighter squadron in the Sapin Air Force that fought for the allies in the Belkan War, later participating in the "A World With No Boundaries" uprising. During Operation Valkyrie they flew SU-32 Strike Flankers.


The Suerte Squadron was formed in 1995 after the outbreak of the Belkan War, consisting of two highly experienced Sapinish pilots. It was deployed alongside the Espada team in defence of Gran Rugido, also participating in Operation Hell Bound.

At some point in late 1995 Ramos Gonzalez and Ricardo Mejia joined "A World With No Boundaries" alongside other members of the Sapin Air Force, disappearing from the front lines. On the 25th of December 1995 Suerte Squadron flew alongside Espada team in a mission to escort the XB-0 Hresvelgr while it carried out strikes against the city of Lumen and Valais Air Force Base. Having been pursued into the Waldreich Mountains after their attack on Valais AFB, Suerte Squadron along with all other AWWNB forces including the XB-0 were destroyed by Galm Team.

Ramos Gonzalez - Suerte 1 - was killed in action. Ricardo Mejia - Suerte 2 - survived and became an Ustian prisoner of war, eventually being released to Sapin. The Suerte Squadron ceased to exist after the war.


Suerte 1: Ramos Gonzales[]

Nationality: Sapinish
Age: 39
Status: Killed in Action

Suerte 2: Ricardo Mejia[]

Nationality: Sapinish
Age: 35
Status: Alive


"Suerte" is Spanish for "luck".