Suppress Radar Base is the 7th mission of Air Combat.

In their efforts to assault the enemy's vital infrastructure, loyalist forces have identified and located the anti-government army's main air defense and command installation. The ADRCS is defended by a regional SAM network, turning its immediate area into a killzone. The player's mission is to initiate a low-altitude approach through a ravine, bypass the killzone and eliminate the radar station. This mission is notable for being the one that introduced the "canyon flight" concept into the Ace Combat series.


"The enemy's ADCRS, Air Defense Command and Radar System, has been identified. We can expect a steep drop in enemy effectiveness if this site is destroyed. The enemy has an effective SAM kill zone around the target. Its one weak point is a narrow ravine leading to the base. This requires precision, nap of the earth flying. Target: Enemy radar site. You have no effective countermeasures to this model of SAM (Surface-To-Air Missile). Exit the ravine and you are toast. Good luck!"



  • 1 x Ground - $800,000


  • 5 x RAH-66 - $50,000
  • 3 x Ground- $800,000



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