Survive is the fifth campaign mission of Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion.


"The Aurelian Air Force.
Originally expected to be crushed under the pressure of superior Leasath air power,
instead, dominating the Leasath Air Force in nearly
every encounter.
One can only imagine the uncomfortable situation this
created for Leasath's military leaders.

And then the enemy bared its fangs.

"Area Z2K".
This chunk of Aurelian air space encompasses a vital air route
between Base Sallqa and friendly forces on the capital, Griswall.
Reconnaissance reports the Leasath Air Force is patrolling
the area to prevent air transport of Aurelian supplies.

Intelligence indicates that the enemy has deployed
its elite "chimera squadron"[sic], well-known for its accomplishments
in Leasath's recent civil war.
The Aurelian air units assigned to patrol the area have
suffered serious damage in recent encounters,
and have begun withdraw.[sic]
With zero air-backup, Falco squadron is sent into these skies:
skies filled with the enemy's malice.

Incoming transmission from AWACS to Falco squadron:
Two orders:

"Withdrawal is not permitted.,"[sic] "Secure the airspace."
One rule of conduct. "Survive"


The player must shoot down all Chimera Squadron members, who will be flying Su-37 Terminators. The number of Chimera planes will depend on the difficulty selected.