Sword of Annihilation is the ninth mission of Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.


Allied forces fighters, Galm Team, Crow Team, and a KC-10 approach Excalibur. This is the first time Cipher meets his future wingman, PJ. Suddenly, Excalibur opens fire and destroys the Allies' tanker support. Galm team quickly fly closer to Excalibur while evading the laser. The laser tower is protected by 4 jammer facilities. Cipher must then fly to the jammers and destroy them one-by-one. With the jammers now destroyed, missiles can lock onto Excalibur.


We discovered that "the unidentified laser weapon" is a long-range offensive weapon codenamed "Excalibur". We believe it to be a Belkan anti-aircraft defense chemical laser weapon developed as a missile defense system. According to our information, the strike zone is heavily guarded by a jamming facility and multiple anti-aircraft artillery units.

Your objective is to destroy Excalibur. But to do that, you must first neutralize the jamming facility and the anti-aircraft artillery. Considering the importance of your target to the enemy, I'm afraid there is no way to avoid casualties from enemy's resistance. In light of this, we've called a reinforcement for this mission.Work together with them to achieve the mission objectives.



Although we didn't discover any nuclear facilities, Excalibur is no longer a threat. This can be considered a substantial victory for our side. Head Operations has recognized you as "an indispensable component in this war", and expresses their utmost gratitude and respect.


  • If Excalibur's radome is struck by the Tactical Laser System of either the ADF-01 FALKEN or the ADFX-01 Morgan, the tower itself will be automatically split in half. A canonical explanation to such an occurrence would be the feedback of the beam causing a violent overload, something that it was never designed for.
  • The first laser fired by Excalibur at the beginning it's not directly targeted to the player. It won't deal any damage if the player doesn't get within the laser fire, however the allied KC-10 is destroyed by it, and if the player gets very close to it, it gets instantly destroyed.
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