Swordsmith is the 9th mission in Ace Combat 2.


Your mission this time is to take over the enemy arms production base which is the source of their main weapons supply. If we are successful, we not only influct serious damage to enemy arms production, but also benefit from control of their base. For this mission, only eliminate escort planes over the base and ground unit. You must take over the base without damaging it.

Target: The enemy arms production base defense unit

Remember, your target is the enemy's defense force and not the base itself. Try not to damage the base facilities. Identify your targets carefully, then attack!



  • 4 x Ground - $10,000 each.


  • 4 x Tower - Minus $5,000 each.


  • 4 x MiG-21 - $2,000 each.
  • 2 x KF-C7 - $3,000 each.
  • 2 x MiG-29 - $5,500 each.
  • 1 x F-16 "TALL MAN" - $15,000
  • 1 x F-16 "METAL SPHERE" - $15,000
  • 4 x AA Gun- $1,000 each.
  • 1 x SAM - $2,000


  • Money: $40,000
  • Unlocks: TALL MAN&METAL SPHERE (medal; only if TALL MAN and METAL SPHERE are shot down), F-117A (Only if aces are shot down).


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