THE DAYS OF SHATTERED SKIES was a Usea Today special edition newspaper published on December 24, 2005. Three months after the conclusion of the Continental War, THE DAYS OF SHATTERED SKIES presents a retrospective to the war and some of the events that took place.

The newspaper was one of many in-universe newspapers and magazines created to promote Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.[1] Below is a translation of the original Japanese text.[2]


The Continental War has come to an end. A conflict brought on by the Ulysses Asteroid, it began when the Erusean military seized the "Stonehenge" meteorite interceptor in a shocking surprise attack, and with it achieved a position of dominance. In a year the Erusean military took near complete control of the continent, but their land-based military power was degraded by a miraculous counterattack from the remaining military strength gathered under ISAF. Having lost the cornerstone of their air supremacy, Stonehenge, to an air raid as well, they were forced to fall back along the path of their own advance. During the duration of the war, the number of dead or injured—including those due to natural disaster—approached 20 million. The people have been put through a great ordeal.

I bet those guys don't know jack about what sound a camel makes.[]

Whiskey Corridor March

An ISAF infantry unit advances north of the Irsali River after the Battle of the Whiskey Corridor. They had to cover the 30 km to their rally point on foot due to the loss of their APCs.

Impending Rain[]

Erusean Sniper at Crowne Beach

"I've never changed magazines during battle. I aim for the enemy captain. If you take care to put your first shot on target, you won't need backup from your friends. But now the war is over, there isn't any need for this skill." An Erusean sniper who ambushed the ISAF military's landing forces. When it later started to pour on Crowne Beach, the fires of war blazed on in the worst of conditions.

How many bullets did that plane soak up?[]

Tornado and A-10s at Rigley

Rigley Air Base, reclaimed by the ISAF aerial forces. Various aircraft are being deployed from all regions so that they may once again have access to a forward airfield.

Oh Lord, the ocean is all too wide, and my boat is all too small.[]

Farbanti Fisherman

Erusean anti-aircraft artillery assigned to the defense of headquarters. Farbanti lingers, as though it has forgotten its days of flourishing.


Tanager sinking

A snapshot of the sinking of the Aegir Fleet's flagship Tanager. Taken from the cruiser Beluga.

Negative Contact[]

ISAF Plane Lifeline

"It's said those who leave with the sunset return with the sunrise. But I couldn't pick up your plane." An ISAF aircraft flying over the Payton Channel in the early morning. Taken by a wingman. Their objective, a petrochemical plant, was destroyed, and the scattered debris dyed a sunlit red.[note 1]

A Gift[]

Stonehenge Papercraft

"At the suggestion of my daughters, we decided to turn out the lights at our house at 8 in the evening. Something about Stonehenge drawing so much power. They said that Stonehenge had a dedicated generator in an announcement, so maybe they misunderstood something. But I think the girls wanted to do their own part. I believe with all my heart that it's sentiments like those that'll save the world."

A letter to the editor by a citizen of Port Edwards. Besides dividing the construction costs among all the various nations, some of it also came in the form of donations from private citizens. The "papercraft Stonehenge" sent along with the receipts were very popular.

Artillery Salute at a Funeral[]

Military Salute

We suffered two tragedies at once. We who have surpassed hardships which transcended nationality shall close the divides between former allies and enemies and continue to rebuild our continent. It is upon countless sacrifices that we now live. We are thankful for our brothers and sisters in arms who fell so that they may become the foundation for today's life, and for tomorrow's rebirth.


  1. The aircraft pictured in "Negative Contact" is an R-M01. However, neither ISAF nor Erusea deployed an R-M01 during Operation Early Bird.


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