The Tactical Datalink (also known as datalink or Data Link) system is a gameplay mechanic featured in Ace Combat Infinity. Its usage must be activated by an AWACS unit, and it activates specific bonuses for players depending on their equipped effect if they fly closely to their allies.


The datalink system works similarly to the Friendly Assist System from Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. While editing an Aircraft Set, players can choose a datalink effect that, when flying closely to another player while datalink is available, will take effect for that player. At the same time, the other player who is linked will have their own effect according to their Sortie Set.

The range of datalink connection is not certain, but modifications such as the Link Communications High Output Antenna can be used to increase the range.

In campaign missions including and after Great Migration, and in multiplayer missions, a notification will appear near the bottom of the HUD indicating that the player must standby for datalink connection. Once an AWACS activates the connection, the player must fly closely with an allied unit. While a datalink connection is active, the notification will inform the player who they are connected to, and the radar will show a blue line going from the player's aircraft to the aircraft of the player they are connected to.

List of effects

Below is the list of datalinks that feature in the game. The Cst rating for datalinks are not shown within Aircraft Set, but actually each datalink has its own Cst rating which would affect the amount of aircraft's "TtlCst".

Name Rank Required Cst. Effects
Basic Set Warrant Officer
Slightly enhances homing capabilities of missiles.
Slightly increases the reload speed of all weapons.
Slightly increases lock on speed.
Critical Second Lieutenant
Increases damage rate of all weapons.
Long Range First Lieutenant
Lock on distance and range are increased.
High Homing+ Captain
Missile homing capabilities are enhanced.
Quick Turn Major
Deceleration amount during a High-G Turn is decreased.
Anti-Stall Major
Makes the aircraft less likely to stall.
Quick Recharge+ Lieutenant Colonel
Slightly increases reload speed of all weapons.
Quick Lock On+ Colonel
Increases lock on speed.
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