Take a Fortress! is the fifteenth mission of Air Combat. In this mission, the player is tasked with an air assault on the enemy's stronghold at Scorpion Island, the main targets being the suspension bridge that connects the island to the mainland and its airfield.

Mission briefing

"Our offensive operations are now concentrated on the Scorpion Island Fortress. The base itself is a hard nut to crack, but we will isolate it by eliminating it's bridge and central runway. Target: Red suspension bridge to the island, and its air force base. There will be plenty of Ack-Ack and SAM defense around the runway. Go in for one pass, then break off operations. Good luck!"



  • 7 x Ground


  • 2x SF-39 (Ace) - $40,000/$80,000 total
  • 2x F-14 (Ace) - $40,000/$160,000 total
  • 2x F-22 (Veteran) - $100,000/$200,000 total
  • 2x F/A-18 (Ace) - $30,000/$60,000 total
  • 4 x Ground


  • Money: $28,500,000
  • Unlock: F-22 (aircraft), Hal (wingman)


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