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"Down that ace. Don't worry about anything else right now."
Estovakian Air Force pilot[4]

Talisman[b] is an Emmerian fighter pilot and flight lead of the Republic of Emmeria Air Force's Garuda Team. He is the player character in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.

A cunning and deadly pilot, Talisman was an indispensable asset that greatly affected the outcome of the Emmeria-Estovakia War. He was renowned for his excellent service record and leadership skills. His accomplishments include destroying the P-1112 Aigaion, the Chandelier railgun, playing a vital role in Operation Free Gracemeria, and shooting down the majority of Strigon Team, as well as their leader Ilya Pasternak, who was piloting a CFA-44 Nosferatu.

Those who flew with Talisman during his countless victories often spoke of how it felt as if they were under the protection of some mysterious force while flying with him.[5] Additionally, Talisman also became regarded as a national hero to the Emmerian people.[4]


Early life

On December 23, 2013,[6] Talisman enlisted in the Republic of Emmeria Air Force and was assigned flight leader of the 8th Air Division's 28th Fighter Squadron under the role of regional defense of Gracemeria.[1]

Emmeria-Estovakia War

Talisman shooting down an Estovakian bomber

On August 30, 2015, numerous Emmerian squadrons scrambled from Gracemeria Air Force Base to defend the city against the Estovakian invasion. Following Talisman's takeoff, AWACS Ghost Eye assigned Marcus Lampert as his wingman. Together, they would almost successfully repel the attack before Nimbus missiles wiped out a majority of Emmerian forces. With the subsequent arrival of the Strigon Team, the Emmerian military was ordered to retreat. While exfiltrating the airspace, Talisman managed to shoot down Victor Voychek, relegating him to ground duty.[7]

Battle of Khesed Island

Talisman above Sipli Field

"Garuda 1, I've got a hunch we'll be going home a lot sooner with you on board."
― Shamrock to Talisman[8]

By September 2015, a substantial portion of Emmerian forces—including Talisman—fled the Anean mainland and retreated to Khesed Island.[9]

On November 24, 2015, Estovakian bombers entered the airspace over the Brilliante Heights. To prevent the bombers from destroying Campagna airport and ultimately ending the war, Talisman was dispatched and assisted in destroying all incoming bombers.[10] Three days later, he aided in liberating Sipli Field from Estovakian control.[8]

In December 2015, the Emmerian military aimed to regain control of Khesed Island. On December 21, Talisman converged on Mount Marcello alongside Emmerian forces, where they recaptured Bartolomeo Fortress. During the battle, Garuda Team engaged two Strigon Team members, resulting in Talisman shooting down Karlo Bogdanovic and his wingman.[11]

Push into Anea

Talisman bombing Estovakian ground units near Silvat Town

"That pilot has something special. Approaching him in haste will get us killed."
Estovakian Air Force pilot[12][13]

On January 26, 2016, Emmerian troops launched an amphibious assault on the western tip of Anea. Talisman assisted both Warlock and Quox Battalions in addition to the 2nd Fleet; who were invading the Kijera Oil Fields. Once Estovakian reinforcements arrived, he destroyed a substantial amount of their forces.

In February, the Emmerian military flew to help their pinned down allies in Silvat Town. Talisman would support various Emmerian units across Rawllins Plain and assist them in taking back their territory. During the battle, he also shot down Irena Dvornik and multiple members of the Strigon Team—including Cvitko Dudic.[14]

With a substantially larger force, the Emmerian military began moving towards Gracemeria. The only route the Emmerian Army could traverse was a steep mountain path passing through the Selumna Peaks.[15]

On February 12, they began to traverse the path. Talisman assisted in escorting the tank battalions and helping Avalanche Squadron in shooting down jammer aircraft. He also managed to shoot down Gunther Kleiber. Later on, Estovakian aircraft began leaving the airspace before the Emmerian military was once again ambushed by Nimbus missiles. With the Emmerian forces now evacuating, Talisman and Shamrock shot down the UAVs guiding the missiles, allowing their forces to leave the combat zone.[15]

To deal with the threat of cruise missiles, the Emmerian military needed to liberate San Loma and capture Cavallia Air Force Base to launch a surprise attack on the Aerial Fleet.[16] On February 15, the Emmerian military invaded San Loma and carried out multiple operations. Talisman played a key role in escorting Hammerhead Squadron while they bombed ground forces. He also assisted Windhover Squadron escort Warlock Battalion and aided in Avalanche Squadron's operation with the Emmerian Navy. Ultimately, the Emmerian military recaptured San Loma and its air facilities.[16]

Talisman and Shamrock watching the Aigaion fall into the Fuscum Sea

Five days later, Talisman and other Emmerian squadrons launched from Cavallia and flew over the Fuscum Sea. Approaching the Aigaion while its radar systems were temporarily down, they ambushed the entire Aerial Fleet. During the battle, Talisman dealt substantial damage to the support craft and manage to shoot down multiple members of the Strigon Team, including Federiko Jarni. With the support craft and Strigon shot down, Talisman dealt the final blow to the Aigaion—destroying its cockpit and core—leaving it to fall into the sea below.[17]

With the threat of Nimbus missiles now eliminated, the Emmerian military continued their eastward advance. In their path was Ragno Fortress, which was captured by Estovakia. On March 6, the Emmerian military converged on Grageo Canyon. While assisting the Yellow Jacket helicopter unit, Talisman flew through a series of tunnels beneath the fortress to allow special forces to be deployed. With the fortress now crippled, Talisman played a key role in the final assault.[18]

Defying orders and redemption

Talisman flying alongside Hammerhead Squadron during the battle of the Moloch Desert

Following the recapture of Ragno Fortress, the Emmerians began heading straight for Gracemeria. The Estovakian Forces were amassing in the Moloch Desert to attempt to stop the Emmerian advance.[13] On March 25, Emmerian and Estovakian forces engaged one another in one of the largest battles of the war. Talisman substantially aided the multiple units spread across the desert and subsequently chased down the Estovakians once they began to retreat. [13]

Around the time Strigon Team entered in the airspace, AWACS Ghost Eye relayed orders from the Joint Chiefs of Staff informing them to halt the advance. Shamrock, fueled by rage and eager to return to his family, continued engaging the Strigon Team, defying a direct order. Talisman, unable to abandon his wingman, continued to engage and defied the order as well.[13]

After Garuda Team shot down all Strigon members present, they returned to base and were informed that the order was as a result of a scorched earth policy Estovakia were planning on using on Gracemeria, and due to them defying a direct order, were to be suspended.[19]

The following day, Emmerian intelligence uncovered that the WMD catalyst to be used against Gracemeria was being held at Fort Norton. Garuda Team was deemed the only squadron capable of a low altitude infiltration and as a result, were briefed with the information and shortly after dispatched to the Alma River.[20]

Together, Talisman and Shamrock successfully avoided Estovakian detection networks and were able to destroy the catalyst transport squad, redeeming them for their previous actions. While exfiltrating the combat zone, Garuda Team were ambushed by a battalion of Estovakian squadrons. Forced to engage, they held out until allied reinforcements arrived. Shorty after allied squadrons arrived, all Estovakian aircraft were shot down and Garuda Team returned to base.[20]

The Liberation of Gracemeria

Talisman facing off against Ilya Pasternak during the Liberation of Gracemeria

On March 31, 2016, Talisman participated in Operation Free Gracemeria. Emmerian forces moved in on the capital, facing heavy resistance and defenses, Talisman provided support to his many allies across the battlefield. After Gracemeria was liberated, Ilya Pasternak alongside numerous UAV-45s entered the airspace. In an effort to allow the Strigon Team to escape, he initiated a dogfight with Talisman while his drones engaged other Emmerian aircraft. Ultimately, Talisman emerged victorious in the confrontation, killing Pasternak and destroying his CFA-44 Nosferatu.[4]

Calm before the storm

That night, Garuda Team among other Emmerian squadrons patrolled the skies over Gracemeria. Shamrock reveals to Talisman that both his wife and daughter were killed during the war and that this would be his final sortie. The two shared a moment of silence. This moment was cut short when cruise missiles entered Gracemeria airspace. Talisman and Shamrock quickly raced to intercept the missiles.[21]

At some point during the engagement, Estovakian fighters began escorting the cruise missiles, making it difficult for the Emmerians to intercept them. Despite this, Gracemeria's destruction was prevented and the attacks came to a halt. AWACS Ghost Eye then tracked the trajectory of the incoming missiles to an area offshore to the north.[21]

Finishing the fight

Talisman narrowly escaping the interior of the Chandelier as its core explodes

Talisman with AWACS Ghost Eye following the Chandelier's destruction

"Talisman... We can trust you with this, right?"
― AWACS Ghost Eye[22]

The following day, on April 1, Talisman—alongside numerous Emmerian squadrons—was dispatched to investigate an area near Sonne Island in the Razgriz Straits. Eventually, they came across the Chandelier and a large battle ensued. With information provided by Melissa Herman, the Emmerian Air Force was able to destroy the weapon's cooling units and cripple it.[22]

In order to gather more data on the backup cooling unit, Shamrock flew into the Chandelier's gutter, ultimately resulting in him being shot down. Following this, Talisman flew into the same gutter, destroyed the backup cooling unit, subsequently flew into the Chandelier's barrel, and destroyed its core. With the destruction of the railgun, Talisman had secured Emmeria's victory in the war. He then returned home with all remaining aircraft.[22]


Following the destruction of the Chandelier, Talisman returned to Emmeria. After the war's conclusion, both he and Shamrock became regarded as national heroes,[1] with stories of their actions having been shared and enjoyed by many people.[23]

On June 30, 2020, Emmeria attended a ceremony commemorating 25 years since the end of the Belkan War after the nation was invited by the Osean government. Talisman's original F-15E Strike Eagle was displayed in a formation at Redmill Air Force Base alongside the aircraft of other nations.[24]



  • A talisman is an object of luck and good fortune. Talisman himself proves to have some luck throughout the war, such as flying out of the Chandelier just prior to its explosion, as well as being saved from the enemy battalion during the Fort Norton infiltration.
  • In Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, Talisman's livery is available for the F-15E Strike Eagle and CFA-44 Nosferatu.
    • The paint scheme for the F-15E Strike Eagle is unlocked alongside a "Garuda" callsign once the player has completed the campaign at least once.
    • Talisman's livery for the CFA-44 Nosferatu acts as the aircraft's default paint scheme in the game.[25]
  • The mission "Far Eastern Front" from Ace Combat Infinity makes multiple references to Talisman's character and actions in Ace Combat 6. These include the player...
  • In Ace Combat Infinity, The F-15E -Talisman- 4 Star Aircraft.png as well as "Talisman" and "Garuda" nicknames were available as Ranking Tournament rewards and were later added to the Skilled Pilot Medal Exchange.[26]
  • In Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Talisman's livery for the F-15E Strike Eagle was added in a free update commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the game. The Ace Combat 7 version of the livery features a darker nose cone not consistent with the original Ace Combat 6 aircraft.[27]


  1. Talisman has the same military rank as his wingman, Shamrock;[1] Lieutenant.[2]
  2. Talisman (タリズマン Tarizuman)


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