This is all made up?

"After all five possible outcomes of the 2045 Corporate War was evaluated, it is revealed that the entire war is but a computer simulation, and, since the simulation is over, Simon purges Nemo."

Then why does many parts of the wiki claim that it really happened? I'm totally lost, commencing rtb.Blahmarrow 23:22, June 23, 2011 (UTC)

Blahmarrow its all true to a degree because the Corporate War did happen but it didnt at the same time if you catch my drift. Yes its very confusing thats why you need to play the game and understand the script at the same time (which is hard due to it been in Japanese...). Then you will understand. Mike-Sierra-Sierra 12:47, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah I'm following you. I have AC3, but there is literally no dialog apart from 2 words when you shoot down enemies: Bingo and bull's eye. So, would it be that 1 ending really happened, but 5 possibilities were there?Blahmarrow 18:14, June 24, 2011 (UTC)


I believe to have located the GameDaily's interview with Naoto Maeda (at least, that's the only one from that time frame that I have ever found), however, because the GameDaily has been closed down earlier this year and its website was taken down, the interview is not longer accessible. I officially hate AOL now. Also, I hate the Joystiq homepage, because Web Archive always pukes it up whenever it cannot find a page...

OK, so the interview was a feature originally filed under Ace Combat Zero and titled "Interview: Ace Combat Zero". It was published on March 24, 2006 and was available under following URLs:

However, the Web Archive doesn't have either of these URLs backed up. If anyone knows any web archive that has either one of these pages stored, please let me know. --Koveras Alvane 13:07, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Credits list

Do we really need the entire credits copied into the article? I mean, sure, it's nice to show the appreciation of people who made this game but at the moment, it is just an info dump that is of about zero use to the reader. Readers usually want credits info to check if their favorite actor was on the show/game and what other characters s/he played, and we don't really provide that info. On the other hand, the data on who did Map Texturing and Programming Support is rather irrelevant. In fact, most of the current content of that section seems to have been taken verbatim from MobyGames. Wouldn't it be simpler to just add a link? MG isn't going anywhere, no need to backup the internet here. Of course, MG doesn't have the voice actor data, but it would be much more in place in the characters section, next to their names. --Koveras Alvane 14:53, November 26, 2011 (UTC)

Well for one thing I used a photo translator via an iPhone on the end credits of AC3E to get the info (that's how I understand what's going on in the game aswell) and I decide just to put all there and if someone wanted to edit, merge it or trim it down their free to do so. Midsummersnow 10:39, November 28, 2011 (UTC)
Heh, I didn't know you went to so much trouble. ^^; I do respect your work but as I said, it is better to link to the same data on the websites specializing in credits listing than keep copies here. I will backup your list here on the talk page and rework the mainspace article according to my own suggestions above. When I finish, please tell me if it's OK with you. --Koveras Alvane 13:55, November 28, 2011 (UTC)
Yeah sure it's ok if it makes the article more organised go ahead. Midsummersnow 14:39, November 28, 2011 (UTC)
Well, I did what I intended. Backing up your list below now... --Koveras Alvane 19:57, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Cast and development staff

Voice Actors (VA's)

  • Rena Hirose: Yuri Shiratori
  • Erich Jaeger: Souichiro Hoshi
  • Fiona Chris Fitzgerald: Kumiko Watanabe
  • Cynthia Bridgitte Fitzgerald: Maria Kawamura
  • Gabriel William Clarkson: Ito Hiroshi
  • Gilbert Park: Mugihito (?)
  • Simon Orestes Cohen: Ryusei Nakao
  • Keith Bryan: Daiki Nakamura
  • Martha Yoko Inoue: Sakiko Tamagawa
  • Abyssal Dision: Masashi Ebara

Game Development

  • Project Leader: Hiroyuki Onoda
  • Project Director: Takuya Iwasaki, Atsushi Shiozawa
  • Programming: Toshiyuki Koike, Katsuhiro Ishii, Toshiaki Matsuno, Satoshi Suzuki, Kenji Nakano
  • Conceptual Design: Kei Yoshimizu
  • Art Director: Takumi Kudo
  • Level Art: Manabu Okano
  • Graphic Design: Minoru Sashida
  • Mission Layout: Naoto Maeda, Hideki Hattori
  • Conceptual Design & Cooperation With: frognation
  • Producer: Yasuhiro Noguchi
  • Assistant Producer: Noriko Wada
  • Assistant Producer: Paul Guirao
  • Music and Sound Director: Tetskazu Nakanishi

Industrial Development

  • Lead Designers: Atsushi Takeuchi (Production I.G.), Kei Yoshimizu
  • Aircraft Modelling: Isshin Yabuki
  • Aircraft Texturing: Masahiro Onda

Game Map Development

  • Map Design: Manabu Okano, Masaki Imai
  • Map Modeling: Koichiro Maeda, Manabu Akita, Kou Akimoto, Masato Kanno, Akira *Shinobu
  • Object Modeling: Takayoshi Nomura, Atsushi Hanaoka
  • Map Texturing: Tomomi Sano, Hitoshi Muto, Mai Takahara, Tadashi Sato, Makiko Gotou, Yoshihiko Sato, Kunihiko Yanagida, Naoko Asano, Miki Naruse, Taro Hasegawa, Junichi Iwanaga, Hiroki Nagaoka
  • Technical Support: Tsuyoshi Achira

User Interface Development

  • Graphic Design: Minoru Sashida, Hiroki Suzuki
  • Motion Engineers: Hideki Nakamura, Keiichi Tatemoto
  • Programming Support: Tsuyoshi Takahashi, Yoshiaki Hirai

CGI Movie Development

  • Director: Kei Yoshimizu
  • 3D CG: Akiko Nakazawa, Kazuki Aizawa, Tatsuya Matsue
  • Technical Support: Tsuyoshi Achira, Hiroshi Numakami
  • Intro Movie Development In Cooperation With: Production I.G, Stereotype Produkts

Music and Sound Effects

  • Music: Tetsukazu Nakanishi, Koji Nakagawa, Kanako Kakino, Hiroshi Okubo, Go Shiina, Tomoko Tatsuta, Asuka Sakai
  • Mixing Engineer: Hidetaka Hikosaka (Sound In)
  • Sound Effects: Tetsukazu Nakanishi, Koji Nakagawa, Eriko Imura, Kanako Kakino
  • Voice Recording: AUDIO TANAKA
  • Audio Director: Hideyuki Takanaka
  • Recording Engineer: Hiroyuki Shibue
  • Recording Studio: TAVAC
  • Casting: Nobue Yoshinaga (Arts Vision)
  • Voice Actress: Gerri Sorrells

Production I.G

  • Director: Yasuhiro Chiba
  • Character Designer: Yasuhiro Chiba
  • Mechanical Design: Atsushi Takeuchi
  • Animation Directors: Yasuhiro Chiba, Atsushi Takeuchi, Kayoko Nabeta
  • 3D Director: Tokumitsu Kifune
  • Animation Producer: Hidekazu Terakawa
  • Animation Production: Production I.G
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