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T-90s of the USEA Federation

A tank is an armored and weaponized vehicle commonly used throughout the Ace Combat series. They are usually used by ground forces to attack other ground forces. While it takes much effort for infantry to neutralize enemy tanks, they are extremely weak against air attack and can be easily destroyed by the player.


Yuke BMD-1 02

Yuktobanian BMD-1 airborne tank

Tanks are a common ground target that frequently appear in annihilation missions. In Ace Combat 4, they only take a single missile to destroy, but take two in future titles.

A rarely-featured variant of tanks are airborne tanks, which can be dropped from transport aircraft. Shooting the parachute will cause the tank to fall and smash into the ground, destroying it.

Air defense tanks (AD Tank) appear on Ace Combat 7, and are equipped with a CIWS, allowing them to shoot down incoming missiles, or act as an AA Gun.



Tanks have been utilized by almost every armed force. Prominent tank battles occurred in the Belkan War, the Continental War, the Circum-Pacific War and the Emmeria-Estovakia War. Tanks were also used during the Lighthouse War to an unknown extent.[1]

Joint Assault universe

Assault Horizon universe

Infinity universe

Named Units

Usean Rebel Forces

  • Mole

Osean Army

  • Hawk Unit
  • Dachshund
  • Lynx

Aurelian Army


Tanks on occasion, will fire at the player if they get too close. On higher difficulties, this can lead to the player being shot down by a lucky tank shell.



  • Despite being IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) in real-life, the BMP-3 and the BMD-1 are classified as tanks in the series.


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