"You'll be regrouped into Task Force 118 "Arrowblades", an independent assault force under direct Military Staff Committee command."

Task Force 118, also known as Arrowblades, was an independent assault force under the command of the Military Staff Committee of the United Nations. Goodfellow served as the commander of Arrowblades, while Reaper was its top ace pilot. [1]



Arrowblades was formed after Arrows Air Defense and Security agreed to a UN request for regular duty assignments following Operation Override. The squadron is primarily made up of mercenaries from around the world, but especially Bone Arrow Squadron, one of the units under Arrows.

Most importantly, following Viper's retirement from Bone Arrow Squadron, Reaper - who was a part of Bone Arrow's final engagements - became the top ace of the unit after shooting down a QFA-44 Carmilla during Override. His status carried over into the Arrowblades Task Force. [2]

Operation Eternal Liberation

Immediately after Operation Override, United Nations Forces commenced Operation Eternal Liberation, an operation to retake USEA Federation territory. Arrowblades battled against the USEAn forces across Eurasia.

On March 3, 2020, the UN discovered a large scale experimental missile site in the Avalon Dam, Russia, capable of launching ICBM's. The Military Staff Committee decided to send Arrowblades to destroy the dam before it could launch any ICBMs. UNF Marine Commandos, who had arrived at the dam earlier, waited for the Arrowblades to come out from the canyon so they could disable the security system to open the underground passages for Reaper to destroy the four ICBMs. Avalon's staff was able to launch the real ICBM to hit Washington, D.C., prompting Reaper to shoot it down before it reached the upper atmosphere. [3]

Later on May 21, USEAn fighter squadrons, including Ater Team, took off from South America, flying towards the United States of America, attempted to drag the U.S. into the war. The Arrowblades scrambled from their base in San Diego to intercept the enemy squadron at Area B7R, Nevada, including their reinforcements, comprised of another QFA-44 Carmilla and MQ-90L Quox UAVs, the latter which Reaper shot down a second time, resulting in USEAn aircraft retreating. [4]

Starting September 19, UN Forces launched attacks on the outskirts of USEAn territory. Arrowblades operated in the Adriatic Sea to get a foothold in former Croatia during Operation Bunker Shot. As the landing forces were about to reach the beach, a meteorite fall (carried out by the OLDS) struck a large amount of all UN forces operating in the area. As the cancellation of further operating was imminent and troop morale devastated, Goodfellow insisted on continuing the operation and thanks to the Task Force's actions, especially Reaper's, the landing forces continued to fight and successfully captured the beach area, cheering up on the victory. [5]



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